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In This Moment

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For In This Moment

In This Moment is a alternative metal band, formed in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States in 2005. Their first album, entitled Beautiful Tragedy, was released on March 20th, 2007 on Century Media Records. The band's sound falls on the melodic side of the metalcore spectrum, with vocalist Maria Brink utilizing both screams and a good deal of clean, emotive singing, the latter being even more prominent on the band's second album, The Dream, released in 2008.

Artist Tags For In This Moment

1) Metalcore 2) Melodic Metalcore 3) Female Fronted Metal 4) Female Vocalists 5) Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For In This Moment

1) Whore 2) Blood 3) Adrenalize 4) Beautiful Tragedy 5) Prayers 6) Daddy's Falling Angel 7) Forever 8) Ashes 9) Whispers Of October 10) The Promise 11) Sick Like Me 12) This Moment 13) Big Bad Wolf 14) He Said Eternity 15) All For You 16) Lost At Sea 17) Burn 18) Sex Metal Barbie 19) Next Life 20) Circles 21) Scarlet 22) Rise With Me 23) The Rabbit Hole 24) Just Drive 25) Into The Light 26) When the Storm Subsides 27) Mechanical Love 28) The Legacy Of Odio 29) Beast Within 30) Standing Alone 31) You Always Believed 32) The Gun Show 33) Her Kiss 34) Comanche 35) Violet Skies 36) The Great Divide 37) From the Ashes 38) Black Wedding (feat. Rob Halford) 39) The Blood Legion 40) A Star-Crossed Wasteland 41) Iron Army 42) World In Flames 43) You're Gonna' Listen 44) Aries 45) The Fighter 46) The Last Cowboy 47) Oh Lord 48) The Dream 49) Roots 50) The Road

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