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There are at least three metal bands that have been called "In Darkness". Two have split up and the third was last active in 2004. 1. The oldest and only In Darkness to release a full-lenght album was formed in 1992 in St. Antonio dos Cavaleiros, Loures, Portugal. They released a demo tape "Remembrance From the Ancient" in 1995, participated in compilations in 1996 (best known of which was probably "Southern Assault vol.1", containing 13 Portuguese UG-bands) and released their sole album "Too Cold Inside" in 1998. The band split up shortly after the album's release. In Darkness played a melodic and gothic-influenced form of black/death metal popular at the time. Note that the band name was written as "In Darkness..." on the album cover. 2. The second oldest In Darkness was the German doom/death outfit from Braunschweig, Lower Saxony. They were formed sometime in the (probably) mid-90s and released a single demo before splitting up. "Ende eines Lebens" was recorded & mixed by Harro Müller at Harroland Tonstudio in Veltheim, 1997. 3. The most recent In Darkness is a Dutch black metal unit, of which there is little information. They have one demo out, "Diabolical Empire of Satan" from 2004, and according to Metal Archives they're still active.

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