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Heart of a Coward

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Heart of a Coward

Ex-Sylosis frontman Jamie Graham has hooked up with the fast-rising British groove metal outfit Heart of a Coward as their new vocalist. Metalcore band from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom Representatives of the band offered this statement: "This is an exciting time to bring in a well trained and experienced new vocalist, Jamie has brought so many new ideas to the table which will see the album reach new levels and excite all of our fans plus many

Artist Tags For Heart of a Coward

1) Metalcore 2) Progressive Metalcore 3) DJENT 4) Math Metal 5) Hardcore

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Heart of a Coward

1) Shade 2) Hollow 3) Around A Girl (In 80 Days) 4) We Stand As One 5) Distance 6) Monstro 7) And Only Time Will Tell 8) Deadweight 9) Collapse 10) Killing Fields 11) Nightmare 12) All Eyes To The Sky 13) Nauseam 14) Mirrors 15) Psychophant 16) Prey 17) Mouth Of Madness 18) Light 19) Miscreation 20) Break These Chains 21) Eclipsed 22) Hope and hindrance 23) Desensitise 24) Severance 25) Anti-Life 26) Turmoil I - Wolves 27) Skeletal II - Arise 28) City In Exile 29) Drown In Ruin 30) Deliverance 31) Keep Your Distance 32) Grain Of Sand 33) Turmoil II - The Weak Inherit The Earth 34) Skeletal I - Mourning Repairs 35) Culture of Lies 36) Ritual 37) Dead Sea 38) In the Wake 39) Suffocate 40) Senseless 41) Dead Sea (Part One) 42) suffer bitch 43) Turmoil I: Wolves 44) Isolation 45) Return to Dust 46) Suffer bitch! 47) Parasite 48) Nightmare (Live at Download 2013) 49) Killing Fields (Live at Download 2013) 50) Turmoil II: The Weak Inherit The Earth

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