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Ghosts of Paraguay

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Ghosts of Paraguay

Born and raised in Britain, David Templeman was just twelve years old when he moved from small village to Rochford, Essex —a move that would forever alter the course of his life. In 1996, while living in Rochford he was introduced to a program called FT2, a basic music production program where he began fusing sample snippets and experimenting in sound construction. David soon began producing under the moniker, “ALTYA” solidifying his interest

Artist Tags For Ghosts of Paraguay

1) Dubstep 2) Ambient 3) Chillstep 4) Chillout 5) Electronic

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Ghosts of Paraguay

1) Piano Piece 2) Pray 3) The Swan 4) The Premise 5) Plateau 6) In Your Eyes 7) The River 8) Ember 9) Needing You 10) Who You Become 11) Deep Six 12) Beyond Reason 13) Love Is Gone 14) Silhouette 15) My Side 16) Perfect Sky 17) Touch Me (Extended Version) 18) Chasing The Art 19) Touch Me 20) The River (feat. Aidan Dullaghan) 21) September 22) When The Rains Came Down 23) Hadron 24) Titles 25) Lost Souls 26) Falling Off the Edge 27) Anna's Song 28) Beyond Reason (Feat. CoMa) 29) Sealed Air 30) Needing You (Kaiori Breathe Remix) 31) Hold Me Tight 32) Killing Time 33) Touch Me (Rameses B Remix) 34) Dull My Heart 35) One Lost Love 36) Serum 37) All Of me 38) Here Below 39) September (feat. Jett) 40) Lies 41) September (feat Jett) 42) Touch Me - Ramases B Remix 43) The River (Mr FijiWiji Remix) 44) Anna's Song (feat. Jett) 45) Anna's Song (feat Jett) 46) The River (feat Aidan Dullaghan) 47) Hold Me Tight (Feat. Jett) 48) Dull My Heart (feat. Aidan Dullaghan) 49) Mirrors 50) Dull My Heart (feat Aidan Dullaghan)

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