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Geoffrey Oryema

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Geoffrey Oryema

Geoffrey Oryema (16 April 1953 – 22 June 2018) was an internationally renowned Ugandan musician. In 1977 after the murder of his father, Erinayo Wilson Oryema, who was a cabinet minister in the government of Amin he began his life in exile. At the age of 24, and at the height of Idi Amin's power, Oryema was smuggled across the Ugandan border in the trunk of a car. He sang in the languages of his youth, Swahili and Acholi, the languages of the lost country, the 'clear green land' of Uganda, and he also sang in English and French.

Artist Tags For Geoffrey Oryema

1) African 2) World 3) Uganda 4) World Music 5) Folk

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Geoffrey Oryema

1) Makambo 2) Land Of Anaka 3) Ye Ye Ye 4) Exile 5) The River 6) Solitude 7) Suzanne 8) Piri Wango Iya 9) Piny Runa Woko 10) Lacan Woto Kumu 11) Lapwony 12) Jok Omako Nyako 13) Lubanga 14) Kel Kweyo 15) Market Day 16) Nomad 17) Hard Labour 18) Passage At Dusk 19) Gang Deyo 20) Umoja 21) No Ballads Ballad 22) Lajok 23) Payira Wind 24) Mara 25) Omera John 26) Listening Wind 27) At My Window 28) Sardinia Memories (After Hours) 29) Yé Yé Yé 30) Gari Moshi 31) See Me Lakayana 32) Medieval Dream 33) Careless World 34) Sardinia Memories (Early Evening) 35) Miracle Man 36) Magical Stone 37) Save Me 38) Spirits Of My Father 39) LPJ Christine 40) Lapwony - Loy Ehrlich Mix 41) Naa Dream 42) To The Metro 43) Rwot Obwolo Wan 44) Bye Bye Lady Dame 45) I Struck The Wall 46) How Long Will It Take 47) On This Night 48) Exil (Dayrib) 49) Forever 50) An Akuri

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