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From Autumn To Ashes

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For From Autumn To Ashes

From Autumn To Ashes(or FATA) was a band from Long Island, New York, USA. The band mixed melody with hardcore/metal styles, and their earlier albums featured a unique dual vocal style between frontman Benjamin Perri and drummer Francis Mark. This style was very innovative at the time and earned the band widespread praise. Following their 2000 EP Sin, Sorrow and Sadness, their debut full-length album Too Bad You're Beautiful was released on Ferret Records in August 2001.

Artist Tags For From Autumn To Ashes

1) Metalcore 2) Hardcore 3) Post-Hardcore 4) Screamo 5) Emocore

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For From Autumn To Ashes

1) The After Dinner Payback 2) Autumns Monologue 3) Chloroform Perfume 4) Milligram Smile 5) The Fiction We Live 6) No Trivia 7) Short Stories With Tragic Endings 8) Every Reason To 9) Cherry Kiss 10) Alive Out Of Habit 11) Mercury Rising 12) Deth Kult Social Club 13) On The Offensive 14) Pioneers 15) Take Her to the Music Store 16) Daylight Slaving 17) Reflections 18) I'm The Best At Ruining My Life 19) Eulogy for an Angel 20) Recounts and Recollections 21) Capeside Rock 22) Delusions of Grandeur 23) Lilacs And Lolita 24) The Second Wrong Makes You Feel Right 25) Sugar Wolf 26) Everything I Need 27) Inapprope 28) Where Do You Draw The Line 29) Sensory Deprivation Adventure 30) The Switch 31) Abandon Your Friends 32) Travel 33) Love It or Left It 34) Placentapede 35) Streamline 36) Kansas City 90210 37) Short For Show 38) Long To Go 39) A Goat In Sheep's Rosary 40) Vicious Cockfight 41) Underpass Tutorial 42) Lilacs & Lolita 43) All I Taste Today Is What's Her Name 44) All I Taste Today Is What's He 45) Jack and Ginger 46) The Second Wrong Makes You Fee 47) The Funny Thing About Getting Pistol Whipped Is... 48) The Royal Crown vs. Blue Duchess 49) Jack + Ginger 50) I'm The Best At Ruining My Lif

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For From Autumn To Ashes

1) The Fiction We Live 2) Too Bad You're Beautiful 3) Holding A Wolf By The Ears 4) Abandon Your Friends 5) Sin, Sorrow and Sadness 6) Punk Goes Acoustic 7) Freddy Vs Jason 8) Holding a Wolf By the Ears (Bonus Version) 9) Live At Looney Tunes 10) Tony Hawk's American Wasteland 11) These Speakers Don't Always Tell The Truth 12) (null) 13) Too Bad You're Beautiful [Bonus Tracks] 14) Too Bad You`re Beautiful 15) SAW IV 16) Sin, Sorrow And Sadness 17) Progression Through Aggression: Ferret Music 18) undefined 19) REVOLVER Bootleg Series 20) Vans Warped Tour 2004: Stage 2 21) Freddy vs. Jason [Original Soundtrack] 22) Freddy Vs. Jason 23) Sin, Sorrow, And Sadness [EP] 24) from autumn to ashes 25) Freddy vs. Jason (soundtrack) 26) Warped Tour 2004 Compilation 27) Warped Tour 2002 Compilation 28) Holding a Wolf By the Ears {Japanese Edition} 29) Freddy Vs Jason-Soundtrack 30) Masters Of Horror 31) These Speakers Don't Always Tell the Truth {EP} 32) SAW IV SOUNDTRACK 33) These speakers don't always tell the truth (ep) 34) Metal Music Is Vital - Best of 2007 35) Progression Through Aggression, Vol. 2 36) Warped Tour: 2004 Compilation Disc 2 37) Too Bad You're Beautiful (Reissue) 38) The Fiction We Live (Advance-9/9/03) 39) A Collection: Past, Present and Future 40) The Fiction We Live Promo 41) Holding A Wolf By The Ears (Bonus Tracks) 42) Love It Or Left It 43) Tribunal Records: A Collection - Past, Present, And Future 44) Too bad youre beautiful 45) From Autumn To Ashes - Fiction We Live [2003] 46) Another Year On The Street Vol. 3 47) Freddy vs. Jason OST 48) Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Soundtrack (Explicit Version) 49) Another Year On The Streets, Vol. 3 50) Sin, Sorrow And Sadness [EP]

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