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Flood Damage

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Flood Damage

Flood Damage is an industrial rock band with experimental tendencies and a dark sense of humor. The project is the vision of musician and playwright Michael A Rose, who records everything himself in the studio and then hires live musicians to bring the bizarre show to the stage. Past live shows have included break-dance competitions, juice-box giveaways and one particularly memorable occasion when the guitarist gave birth to corn-syrup coated baby dolls during a spoken word slideshow.

Artist Tags For Flood Damage

1) Electronic 2) Experimental 3) Industrial 4) Weird 5) Industrial Rock

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Flood Damage

1) seXee 2) Mr. Blind and the Estrogenical Treachery 3) Two Tribes 4) Turn On The Ugly Lights 5) biochemical oxygen demand 6) RETURN OF THE BEAR 7) 13 (God For Saken) 8) in sod we rust 9) Underlife (Avenpitch Mix) 10) Deadline 11) Hooray For Everything!!! 12) SeXXXee 13) TV Land Murders 14) ;;; [semicolonic] 15) underlife 16) 0V01D V0V01D 17) Mr. Blind & The Estrogenical Treachery 18) [Godforsaken] 19) discontent 20) abort retry failure (demo) 21) Ovoid Vovoid 22) sow_hat? 23) Sounds remaining in the skull of Cthulhu after Tuesday's big auction 24) newer than you are 25) Hooray for Everything 26) biochemical oxygen demand (incomplete) 27) Cryptorc Castration 28) Ovoid Vovoid (headache mix) 29) Just What I Needed (rough mix) 30) Cell Scrape Disintigration 31) FushBucking 32) collage for noise sake 33) 13 [godforsaken] 34) something i can never have 35) in sod we rust 2 36) 7 37) ??? 38) IN SOD WE RUST (DEMO) 39) TVLAND MURDERS 40) CELL SCRAPE DISINTEGRATION (DEMO) 41) GODFORSAKEN [INSTR] 42) MR BLIND AND THE ESTROGENICAL TREACH 43) discontent (2006 mix) 44) COCKPUNCHING (DEMO) 45) happiness in slavery ROUGH 46) 0void Vovoid (hEADaCHE re:mix) 47) MR BLIND AND THE ESTROGENICAL TREACH 2 48) SEXXXEE (DEMO) 49) COCKPUNCHING (DEMO) 2 50) TURN ON THE UGLY LIGHTS 2

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