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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Five

There is more than one band with this name. 1. Five (formerly styled 5ive) were a British boy band formed in 1997, created by the two men who had created the Spice Girls - Bob and Chris Herbert. The five lads - Abs Breen, Jason 'J' Brown, Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson and Sean Conlon - were the five members picked from over 3,000 hopefuls at auditions in early 1997. They went on to have ten top 10 hits in the UK and three number 1's, and enjoyed marginal success worldwide, particularly in parts of Europe and in Australia.

Artist Tags For Five

1) Pop 2) Boybands 3) 90s 4) Dance 5) British

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Five

1) Keep on Movin' 2) If Ya Gettin' Down 3) Everybody Get Up - Radio Edit 4) Everybody Get Up 5) Slam Dunk (Da Funk) 6) When the Lights Go Out 7) We Will Rock You 8) Don't Wanna Let You Go 9) Until The Time Is Through 10) When the lights go out - Radio edit 11) It's The Things You Do 12) Closer To Me 13) Got The Feelin' - Radio Edit 14) Let's Dance 15) Got the Feelin' 16) Inspector Gadget 17) Keep On Moving 18) Satisfied 19) Everybody Get Up - Radio Mix 20) Let's Dance - Radio Edit 21) Everybody Get Up (Radio Edit) 22) Two Sides To Every Story 23) That's What You Told Me 24) Rock The Party 25) When I Remember When 26) How Do Ya Feel 27) Invincible 28) We Will Rock You - Radio Edit 29) Partyline 555-on-line 30) You Make Me A Better Man 31) It's All Over 32) It's Alright 33) My Song 34) Serious 35) Everyday 36) Slam Dunk Da Funk 37) When The Lights Go Out - US Remix 38) Set Me Free 39) Until The Time Is Through - Radio Edit 40) Don't You Want It 41) Straight Up Funk 42) Cold Sweat 43) Let's Dance (Radio Edit) 44) Hear Me Now 45) When The Lights Go Out (Radio Edit) 46) Keep on Movin 47) Got The Feelin' (Radio Edit) 48) If Ya Getting Down 49) Battlestar 50) Human (The Five Remix)

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