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Feed Her to the Sharks

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Feed Her to the Sharks

Feed Her To The Sharks are a modern melodic metalcore band based in Melbourne, Australia. They released their debut album in early 2010 called "The Beauty of Falling". They are said to be one of the most underated metal acts in the new generation of metalcore bands. Their massive breakdowns, tech riffs and powering vocals are making them one of Australia's biggest metalcore acts today. Feed Her To The Sharks signed to Victory Records in 2014. Check out the [url=http://[officialsite]www.

Artist Tags For Feed Her to the Sharks

1) Metalcore 2) Melodic Metalcore 3) Australian 4) Hardcore 5) Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Feed Her to the Sharks

1) Fear Of Failure 2) Digital Breakdown 3) Dead By Dawn 4) Misery 5) Murder Monogamy 6) With The Change Of Seasons 7) Neptune Does Not Have A Trident 8) My Bleeding Heart Swims In A Sea Of Darkness 9) The Beauty Of Falling 10) The World Is Yours 11) Outta My Way Satan... GARD! 12) Memory of You 13) Tragedy, Tears And Sorrow 14) Chasing Glory 15) Extinction/Resurrection 16) Let Go 17) Shore of Loneliness 18) Savage Seas 19) Fuck Melbourne 20) Sink or Swim 21) Buried Alive 22) Save Yourself 23) Death's Design 24) Burn the Traitor 25) Take Me Back 26) Terrorist 27) Shadow of Myself 28) Walking on Glass 29) Heart of Stone 30) Badass 31) Faithless 32) Memory of You (Bonus Track) 33) Buried Alive (Bonus Track) 34) Burning Within 35) Shards Of A Broken Dream 36) Меmory Оf Yоu 37) The World Is Yours (2015) 38) Tradgedy, Tears & Sorrow (Promo) 39) Outta my way Satan... GARD! (BREAKDOWN SHOW) 40) Extinction _ Resurrection 41) Fear Failure 42) Neptune does not have a trident (BREAKDOWN SHOW) 43) Неart Оf Stоne 44) Buried Alive [] 45) Memory of you (BREAKDOWN SHOW) 46) Dead By Dawn (BREAKDOWN SHOW) 47) Тhe Wоrld Is Yоurs 48) 12 Months Of Misery 49) Dead By Dawn (Promo) 50) Wаlking Оn Glаss

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