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After 25 years at the right hand of Machel Montano and Xtatik, Darryl Henry a.k.a Farmer Nappy has embarked on a new venture to develop his solo career. This venture began in mid May 2007, when he traveled to Barbados to work with the award winning producers, De Red Boyz (Mikey ‘Red Dawg’ Hulsmeier & Scott Galt). Nappy offers heartfelt gratitude to Frank Coppin a.k.a Foreigner Frank for sealing the deal and uniting him with De Red Boyz to produce the first song of his solo career. De Red Boyz have also produced Biggie Irie’s ‘Nah Goin’ Home’, which won the Groovy Soca Monarch in Trinidad 2007, and Peter Ram’s popular “Woman By My Side”. Nappy arrived in Barbados on May 18, 2007 with lyrics in hand and a studio date and time set. Thus, Chippin’ (With Me Own Woman) was born. After being conceived in Trinidad and delivered in Barbados, Chippin’ is currently one of the most popular songs on De Red Boyz “Soca Bonfire” Album. Crop Over 2007 was the launching pad for Farmer Nappy as a solo artiste, and it proved to be a successful endeavor. Farmer Nappy’s warm personality off-stage and entertaining performances on-stage won the hearts of many Bajans. Nappy feels an automatic connection to Barbados and refers to ‘the gem of the Caribbean sea’ as his second home. Look out for the Chippin’ Music Video coming soon. The video was filmed and produced by Andrew Hulsmeier of Video & Photo Images and Directed by Suzie Cheeseman. In the past, Farmer Nappy has proven to be an artiste worthy of national recognition as an instrumentalist and songwriter with the band Xtatik. His brotherly bond with lead singer Machel Montano goes way back to the inception of Pranasonic Express. At the age of seven, Nappy embarked on his musical journey by playing percussion in the young band that later came to be known as the big band Xtatik. As the band evolved, Nappy emerged as an award winning, multi-talented song writer. He wrote and co-wrote some of the biggest hits in Xtatik’s repertoire. Nappy continues to extend absolute adoration and admiration to the Montano Family for their love and support. On the 1997 Xtatic album Big Truck, he wrote and co-wrote recognizable hits ‘Big Truck’, ‘Music Farm’, ‘Tayee Ayee’, ‘Crowded’, and ‘No Carnival’. Nappy won the award for “Best Song Writer" in 1998 for "Footsteps", which was "Road March of the Year", on the album "Toro Toro". The song was also awarded “Best Song of the Year”. He co-wrote ‘Vendors’, ‘Pump the Iron’, and ‘Working Dog’ all on the same album. In 1999, Nappy co-wrote ‘UFO’ with Machel, Beenie Man and Darryl Eugene. He co-wrote ‘Big Phat Fish’ and co-produced ‘Low Riders’. In 2000, Nappy co-produced and co-wrote the tremendously popular ‘Water Flowing’.‘Last Singer’ produced by Sir Oungku of Red Hot Flames took Nappy all the way to the finals of the 2001 Soca Monarch. In 2002, Nappy featured in his first music video ‘Junkyard’. In 2003, he wrote ‘Dancing’, produced by his Xtatik room-mate Dwain ‘Dwaingerous’ Antrobus. That same year, he co-wrote‘Granny’. In 2005, Farmer Nappy released his first solo Album ‘Pure Niceness’. Containing twelve tracks, the album is an acknowledgment of unforgettable hits created at the peak of Xtatik’s career. He remains extremely gracious to the producers and those who contributed to the album. ‘Pure Niceness’, was produced at Ed Gordon’s Studio with Xtatik Ltd. as the Executive Producers. The ‘Pure Niceness’ music video is still enjoying rotation on Tempo. In 2006, Nappy wrote ‘Jump of de Year’, produced by Neil Bernard, as well as ‘Old People Words’, produced by Kerwyn Du Bois. In late 2006, Farmer Nappy skipped across to Antigua to work with one of his mentors Sir Oungku of Red Hot Flames. Oungku produced ‘Capsize’ for Carnival 2007. After Carnival 2007, Nappy co-wrote ‘Chippin’ with Margaret “Ginger” Alexis and brought it to Barbados to be produced by De Red Boyz.

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