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Faery Child

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Faery Child

Faery Child blends the harsh and abrasive sounds of industrial with soaring classical and celtic-inspired melodies. The music of Faery Child presents a nature-inspired blend of symphonic and ethnic music with a fusion of dark metal and industrial that fans of all styles are sure to enjoy. Come with Faery Child on a musical journey to the world beyond the veil.

Artist Tags For Faery Child

1) Industrial 2) Industrial Metal 3) Symphonic 4) Aggrotech 5) Symphonic Industrial

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Faery Child

1) The Widow And The Rose 2) Steel Destroyer 3) The Dreamer's Lullaby 4) Afterworld 5) Blood of the Earth 6) Deathchant Machine 7) The Widow's Revenge 8) What Now Is Dead 9) A Vision of Iron 10) The Dreamside 11) Burn Adoration 12) Faith in the Wind 13) The Green Forset of Ilivian 14) Tilnariel's Fire (Alternate Vocals) 15) Asleep at the Helm 16) No Peace For the Wicked (instrumental) 17) WhatOnceWasLiving 18) Tears of Memory 19) Avada (instrumental) 20) Reiikessa 21) The Enigmatic Coil (orchestral version) 22) The Snowy Maelstrom 23) Groover Phoenix 24) The Enigmatic Coil (instrumental) 25) Ellipsis 26) Earth's Dying Whispers 27) Abaddon's Gambit 28) Thresher (instrumental version) 29) Winds Of Damnation (Instrumental Demo) 30) Winds of Damnation (unfinished demo) 31) Whatthefunk(work in progress) 32) Anhruns Storm Orchestral Version 33) Beneath Angels Wings 34) Ghearead Go Gheareadh 35) Isyylendir 36) Waysong of the Damned 37) Faeries Hollow 38) Savior (instrumental) 39) Terestra (instrumental) 40) Darkness Falls (Instrumental) 41) Winterleaves 42) Through Forests of Time (instrumental) 43) Firelight 44) Trainwreck Overture (instrumental version) 45) Crestfallen Futures 46) Dreamspeak 47) Spiral Songs 48) Winterfallen 49) Die Macht Der Finsternis 50) Willows Dreamtime

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