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Emmit Fenn

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Emmit Fenn

Raised in Berkeley, California, Emmit Fenn is a singer, songwriter, and producer of offbeat, cinematic soundscapes in the realm of indie electronica. Fenn first turned to the piano and composing at the age of 12 as a means of distraction when his parents separated. He later picked up the guitar and violin and went on to study composition and music theory. He was in college when his single "Painting Grey," released in 2015, became a viral hit, accumulating millions of plays.

Artist Tags For Emmit Fenn

1) Chillout 2) Electronic 3) Ambient

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Emmit Fenn

1) Painting Greys 2) Blinded 3) Lost in Space 4) Modern Flame (feat. Yuna) 5) 1995 6) Memories 7) What We Once Were 8) Everybody Else 9) Modern Flame 10) Stones 11) Yellow 12) Drive 13) Halo 22 14) Woman 15) Want It 16) Control 17) Pouring Rain 18) Oceans (feat. Nylo) 19) Meteorite 20) Intro 21) Oceans 22) Wind 23) Without You 24) Overflow 25) XOXO 26) Where Have I Gone 27) The End 28) As We Lay By The Fire 29) Higher 30) Soak 31) Before 32) Modern Flame - Acoustic 33) Modern Flame (Acoustic) [feat. Yuna] 34) XOXO(demo) 35) 1995 (Cloudsz Remix) 36) Pouring Rain (feat. Vic Mensa) 37) Modern Flame (Team EZY Remix) 38) Where Have I Gone (feat. CHARLOTTE) 39) Blinded (Emmit Fenn Remix) 40) Without You (feat. Drew Love) 41) Painting Greys (Syence Remix) 42) Painting Greys(Lyrics) 43) Paintitng Greys 44) Modern Flame feat. Yuna (Fransis Derelle Remix) 45) Oceans (ft. Nylo) 46) Meteorite (iPhone Xr Song) 47) Euthanasia 48) Modern Flame (ft. Yuna) 49) Painting Greys (MEMBA Remix) 50) Painting

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