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Dry Kill Logic

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dry Kill Logic

Dry Kill Logic is a nu metal band (formerly called Hinge) that was formed in 1993 in Westchester, NY. The band's first EP was released under Psychodrama Records, their own label. For their first full length album, "The Darker Side of Nonsense", Dry Kill Logic signed on with Roadrunner Records and released the album in 2001. The band's second album, "Dead and Dreaming", was released under their current label: Repossession Records. "Of Vengeance and Violence" is their third full-length album.

Artist Tags For Dry Kill Logic

1) Metalcore 2) Nu Metal 3) Metal 4) Hardcore 5) Nu-Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dry Kill Logic

1) Paper Tiger 2) Lost 3) Rot 4) The Perfect Enemy 5) Nightmare 6) No Reason 7) Goodnight 8) Pain 9) Feel The Break 10) Assfault 11) 200 Years 12) Buckles 13) As Thick As Thieves 14) Nothing 15) Weight 16) Living Witness 17) One Handed Knife Fight 18) A Better Man Than Me 19) Kingdom Of The Blind 20) Hindsight 21) Neither Here Nor Missed 22) The Strength I Call My Own 23) Give Up, Give In, Lie Down 24) My Dying Heart 25) 4039 26) From Victim To Killer 27) Boneyard 28) Caught In The Storm 29) With Deepest Regrets... 30) Confidence vs. Consequence 31) Breaking The Broken 32) Lying Through Your Teeth 33) In Memoria Di 34) L5 (Prologue) 35) Pray That I Miss 36) Dead Mans Eyes 37) What 38) Pride 39) Then You Lie 40) Bring Back The Black 41) Now I See The Light 42) Intro 43) Pork Chop Sandwich 44) Push/Pull 45) 9 46) 7 47) Sab 48) Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck 49) Dead Man's Eyes 50) Vices

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