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Draven Project was born in Brazil during 2010 when Raoni Draven left his former band at the time. Raoni decided to form a project that could incorporate more influences according to his musical, art, and literature taste. The project embraces the motto of music without prejudice, distancing itself from musical boundaries. The first Demo CD was recorded and released in 2012 and it is called Underground Music For Surface People. The first album is called Electric Storm and it was recorded and released independently in 2021, during the pandemics of COVID-19. The album has one single called Moneyland - a song with strong riffs and drumming, and also a music video for the song Mind Revolution was released. Shortly after the release of the debut album Electric Storm, it was decided that a second album would be also recorded. After some months of recording and production, the album was done and was named Moondance & Dark Lights. On the second album, Draven Project brings a more polished sound and followed the tradition of guitar hooks and bass lines heard on the debut. This time the album sounds more like a complete band, the music is more vivid, the drums are pounding and grooving harder than before. Main influences: The Doors, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, T. Rex, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Waylon Jennings, The Cult, The Mission UK, Billy Idol, Joy Division, The Sisters Of Mercy, HIM, The 69 Eyes. In January of 2023 the band announce the release of a new album called High Energy Void, to be released February 10th. The album can be pre-saved on the link:

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