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Dog Head

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dog Head

DOG HEAD started with a simple intention, create powerful music that ignites angst and makes you want to pump your fist in the air! Their sound is aggressive, combining the dark techno elements of industrial music with anger driven, high-speed thrash metal guitar riffs. DOG HEAD is known for dragging some of the weirdest shit you’ve ever seen on stage with them, including actual animal skulls, a piñata of Earth filled with candy and condoms that gets busted over the crowd

Artist Tags For Dog Head

1) Metal 2) Industrial 3) Thrash Metal 4) Thrash 5) Ebm

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dog Head

1) Fall of the Proud 2) Psycho Girl 3) Vengeance 4) Anthem of the Freaks 5) Chilly Morocco (ft. Santi go-go) 6) Time to sleep, time to wake up, time to fight time to fuck (within worlds) 7) Treadmill Head-spill 8) Frantic Jazz (ft. Toddy drums) 9) سر سگ (lyr. sepeliciouse) 10) Short walks in Brooklyn 11) Grande Chapiteu Bleu (ft. lil Ju) 12) your head my head NYC 13) whack a mole (scabies) 14) Ethnic Soul (ft. Nikster) 15) The end my friend (ft. Nikster) 16) Psycho Girl (Clean Edit) 17) Ttfd 18) Regicide 19) Monsters! 20) Dream 21) Abomination 22) Hello Skinny 23) Loneliness 24) Hanging by His Hair 25) Benny the Bouncing Bump 26) Violence 27) Still Turn 28) Fire 29) Heretic Denied 30) Monsters (Bonus Track) 31) Dying Mass 32) Monsters 33) Abortifacien 34) Honey Bear 35) I Killed Him 36) Fire Fall 37) The Dying Oilman 38) Dimples and Toes 39) Dead Wood 40) Never Known Questions 41) Constantinople (fire) 42) Susie Smiles 43) Baby King 44) Monkey and Bunny 45) Stampede

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