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Disaster in the Universe

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Disaster in the Universe

Disaster In The Universe is an alternative rock band from Norway with influences from different continents and cultures. The band has created an exciting sound combining rock, electronica, psychedelia and tropical instruments and rhythms. Debut album Coconut message was released march 2014.

Artist Tags For Disaster in the Universe

1) Rock 2) Norwegian 3) Norway 4) Seen Live 5) Indie

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Disaster in the Universe

1) Beach House 2) Yugen (Telling Me All) 3) Recovering 4) Now We're Gonna Learn To Swim (No Worries, It's Alright) 5) Natural 6) Sunlight 7) Jaws Shut Like Closing Doors 8) Jada Jada 9) Curiosity 10) Take Some Time 11) Feed The Bubbles 12) Everything I Want To Do 13) Zoon Logikon 14) Notion Of Home 15) Distractions 16) Very Worried 17) Let Me Out 18) Where I Cannot Go 19) Let It Go 20) Beach House (2013) 21) Football 22) While We Are Here 23) I Try 24) Feel The Force 25) Exceptions on My Mind 26) It Wasn't For You 27) Count Me Out 28) Beach House (Max Liese Remix) 29) Where I Cannot Go (Radio Edit) 30) Beach House (Official video HD) 31) DISASTER IN THE UNIVERSE - NATURAL 32) Yugen 33) Beach House (Les Bons Vivants Remix) 34) Curiosity (Just A Gent Remix) 35) Where I Cannot Go - Radio Edit 36) Curiosity (Strehlow Remix) 37) Natural (Sebastian Carter Remix) 38) Beach House (Kashuks Remix) 39) Beach House ( Les Bons Vivants remix ) 40) disaster in the house T-Rex 2 41) Beach House (Sebastian Carter Remix) 42) Natural (The Colored Illusion Rework) 43) Curiosity (Ficture Remix) 44) Recovering (конец USB2) 45) Curiosity (ProtoVision Remix) 46) Beach House (seekay 47) 07 beach house 48) Curiosity (Andruj & NitroGuy Remix) 49) Beach House (Andruj & NitroGuy Remix) 50) Now We're Gonna Learn To Swim (No Worries)

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