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Die Kur

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Die Kur

This four pieces metal-industrial band has a very controversial history made by burned flags, fights, chains, flames with two major releases: "From Dark (Renaissance of Evil)" released in 2006 and "The Fall of The Empire" in 2009 both under NMTCG.

Artist Tags For Die Kur

1) Industrial Rock 2) Industrial Metal 3) Industrial 4) London 5) Alternative Metal

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Die Kur

1) It Must Be (Destroyed) 2) Primary Fear 3) Saviour of Nothing 4) Composing a Manifesto 5) Top Ten Reasons 6) In the Kindergarden With Adolf (Modern Society) 7) Antiphon 8) The Legacy of the Fox 9) 360º 10) Attack Pheromone 11) Government Zero 12) With Us / Against Us 13) Saviour of Nothing (God of Destruction) 14) ERA - past and future meet 15) Raise Hell 16) The Leader Of Zeros 17) Hymenoptera 18) M2 19) Slaves of the Empire 20) The Greatest Hymn 21) New Era 22) The Order of Things to Be 23) Propaganda Illusion 24) D.D.T. 25) The Layer 26) Beneath the Waves 27) Rise to Power 28) Four Rules Of Hate 29) Perverse Passion 30) Nihilist Act 31) Servants of the Netherworld 32) We Are the Aliens 33) Initiation Rite 34) Enemy of the World 35) Under the Layer: The Order of the Scorpion 36) Bye Bye Empire 37) 17 Seconds of Pure Pleasure 38) Under The Empire of The Sun To Follow 39) Hell Machine 40) Conceptualising the War Machine 41) M-Theory 42) My Thorn Walk 43) Manifesto Of My Generation 44) (Meeting) The Gatherer 45) Empyrean Hymn 46) The Entertainment System 47) And if You Believed... 48) The Fall of The Empire 49) Forging Araneae 50) Umbilical Death

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