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David & Steve Gordon

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For David & Steve Gordon

29 Years of Music with Vision David and Steve Gordon are innovators. Over the course of their 29 year career they have relied on their multi-cultural roots and consistently pushed the boundaries of musical styles. Their albums have been pivotal in shaping the changing landscape of Healing music, Native World music and downtempo music. Both David and Steve are award-winning producers, as well as composers, classically trained instrumentalists, DJs

Artist Tags For David & Steve Gordon

1) New Age 2) Native American 3) Ambient 4) World 5) Neo-Pagan

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For David & Steve Gordon

1) Path With a Heart 2) Flowering Tree 3) Sunrise Ritual 4) Spirit Vision 5) Shaman's Dance 6) Reverence 7) Calling The Sacred Beat 8) Four Direction Wind 9) Guardian Spirit 10) Within the Cloud Lodge 11) Secret Fountain 12) Floating Meadows 13) Power Animals 14) Awakening Peace 15) Mother Earth, Father Sky 16) Daybreak Appears 17) Precious Water Reprise 18) Thunder Dreamer 19) Rainbow Hoop 20) Enter the Sacred, Part II 21) Gift Of The Eagle 22) Waterlilly 23) Under A Painted Sky 24) Soothing Sanctuary, Part II 25) Voice Of The River 26) It Shall Be Beautiful 27) 4th Chakra / Anahata 28) In the Wide Land I Walk 29) Zen Garden, Part 1 30) The Long-Life Makers 31) Return Journey 32) Soothing Sanctuary, Part I 33) Who Love the Rain 34) Ancient Way 35) 1st Chakra / Muladhara 36) Peace in Every Step 37) Prayer for the Four Directions 38) Still Waters 39) Dancing for a Vision 40) In the Cloud Lodge 41) Long Feathers in the Wind 42) Amethyst And Amber 43) Drinking the Sweet Waters 44) Om Shanti 45) Sunset Ceremony 46) Rainforest Sunrise (Om Mix) 47) Dusk 48) Increase without Fail 49) Enter The Sacred 50) Call of the Medicine Drum

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