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Dave Thompson

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson was nine when his father bought him a guitar and taught him how to play it. Sadly, his father did not live long enough to see Dave, at the age of 15, join the blues band Booba Barnes and the Playboys (later renamed the FM Stereo Band, following Barnes's departure). Life on the club circuit was, to say the least, eventful: Dave survived two car crashes and a bullet in the thigh, as well as having the odd brush with the law. Although Dave Thompson is also a perfectly competent singer, it's his guitar playing that really impresses.

Artist Tags For Dave Thompson

1) Blues 2) American 3) Wtf 4) Delta Blues 5) Fat Possum

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dave Thompson

1) Standin' in the Rain 2) Instrumental #7 3) Romeo and Juliet II 4) You Took My Baby 5) Writing on the Wall 6) Hey Moma 7) Pennies on the Track 8) Standing Up On My Own 9) Fools' Gold 10) She Loved Me Like I Loved You 11) Longest of Goodbyes 12) Move On (I Say To Myself) 13) Pseudopod 031: Last Respects 14) These Old Roads 15) I'm Having It So Hard 16) After Hours Bar 17) Got A Bad Feeling 18) Ain't It A Shame 19) Dance Tonight 20) I'm Here 21) Paper Bedroom Stars 22) Mississippi Boy 23) I Don't Care What Nobody Say 24) Why Do You Treat Me This Way 25) Time to Fly 26) Grant's Tomb 27) Overboard Love Song 28) Mississippi Bay 29) Jump On the Boat 30) Standin In The Rain 31) Instrumental Number 7 32) Nothing Down Here 33) My Baby Won't Change 34) Excerpts From Psalms 35) God Still Loves Me 36) Caught Up in a Crossfire 37) Call Me Baby 38) Don't Blame Me 39) Take Me Away 40) I'll Sing A Song For You 41) Keep Your Town 42) I need your Love 43) Deep in the night 44) The Feeling is Gone 45) Holy Holy Holy 46) We Can Make It If We Try 47) What Do I Say To You 48) All My Heart (War Cry) 49) Rescue Me 50) The Artist

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