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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Darxon

Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia Heavy Metal band manifested during 1983. The group signed with Wishbone Records for the 1984 debut album 'Killed In action', recorded as a quartet comprising vocalist Massimo DeMatteis, guitarist Markus Szart, bassist Peter Schmidt and drummer Dominik Hulshorst. These sessions were produced by Ferdinand Kother at the Tonstudio Cooperative GmbH in Bochum. A four track EP, 'Tokyo', followed up in 1985 with a 7" vinyl single, 'Holding On', arriving in 1986.

Artist Tags For Darxon

1) Heavy Metal 2) Hard Rock 3) 80s 4) German 5) Uplifting Trance

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Darxon

1) Don't Give Up 2) Hungry 3) On The Run 4) Walk In The Shadow Of Madness 5) Deep in the Night 6) Waiting For Your Heart 7) Heart Of Stone 8) Place Where I Belong 9) Danger Love! 10) Holding On 11) Shout! 12) Dancing Undercover 13) No Thrills 14) Down By The River 15) Down And Dirty 16) We Rock The Nation (Cat Bizz) 17) White Line 18) Smile Of A Tiger 19) Don't Think Twice 20) Heart Breaker 21) Stormbringer 22) Body Talking 23) Fool Tonight 24) Killed In Action 25) Rock On 26) It's An Illusion 27) Don´t Give Up 28) Burning 29) Holy Macho 30) Tokyo 31) Simile Of Evil 32) Rock Fever 33) Heavy Metal 34) Queen Of Rock 35) Heartbreaker 36) Intro (First Theme) Banging 37) Astarty 38) Intro (First Theme)/Banging 39) Banging 40) Only A Night 41) Takin' Me Down 42) Smile Of Evil 43) Love Leads The Way 44) In the Hands of Time (live) 45) Can't Find My Way 46) Normalize 47) I'll Be There 48) Into (First Theme) 49) Face The Night 50) Donґt Give Up

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