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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Darin

Darin (born Darin Zanyar, June 2, 1987 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a Swedish pop singer and songwriter of Kurdish descent and one of Sweden's best-selling artists, with numerous chart topping songs and music albums. After participating in Idol 2004, Darin released his debut album "The Anthem" having reached second place in the competition and becoming number one in the hearts of many girls and boys. The album quickly reached the tops of the charts, along with his debut single "Money for nothing".

Artist Tags For Darin

1) Pop 2) Swedish 3) Dance 4) Rnb 5) Idols

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Darin

1) Step Up 2) Insanity 3) En apa som liknar dig 4) Astrologen 5) Money for Nothing 6) Ta mig tillbaka 7) Runaway 8) Nobody Knows 9) Lovekiller 10) Viva La Vida 11) Everything But The Girl 12) Stockholm 13) You're Out of My Life 14) Why Does It Rain 15) Who's That Girl 16) Want Ya! 17) Playing With Fire 18) Desire 19) Perfect 20) Road Trip 21) Seasons Fly 22) B What U Wanna B 23) See U at the Club 24) Juliet 25) Ja må du leva 26) Homeless 27) Dance 28) Flashback 29) Karma 30) Girl Next Door 31) Strobelight 32) Seven Days a Week 33) I Can't Get You Off My Mind 34) Tvillingen 35) Paradise 36) Move 37) Microphone 38) Breathing your love 39) Can't Stop Love 40) Check You Out 41) Lagom 42) Extra Ordinary Love 43) If You Wanna 44) Sail the Ocean 45) Magdalena (Livet före döden) 46) What If I Kissed You Now 47) Hög 48) What Is Love 49) Laura 50) Walk the distance

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