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Dao Dezi

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dao Dezi

Dao Dezi is a co-production of Eric Mouquet (one half of the Deep Forest duo) and Guilain Joncheray (executive producer of Deep Forest's debut album). Dao Dezi, meaning 'come on' or 'move it', is a term from the Celtic language of France called Breton. What makes the Dao Dezi production so intriguing is that Mouquet has arranged and incorporated some traditional Breton folk-songs sung by a variety of male voices specially invited to sing on the album. None of the lead vocals are sampled, as is often the case with other groups of this genre.

Artist Tags For Dao Dezi

1) New Age 2) Ethnic 3) World Music 4) Electronic 5) Neo-Pagan

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dao Dezi

1) Hebrides 2) Ti Eliz Iza 3) An Tri Breur (Love Palace Mix) 4) Gaspesie 5) Kokerikero 6) Tri martolod 7) Ti Eliz Iza (Love Palace Mix) 8) Ti Eliz Iza [love palace mix] 9) Digor 10) The King of the Fairies 11) 11.11.93 12) La Jumet De Mishao [love palace mix] 13) La Jument De Mishao (Love Palace Mix) 14) An Tri Breuer [love palace mix] 15) Tri Martolod & The King Of The Fairies 16) La Jument De Chante 17) 11.11.93 & Digor 18) An tri breur 19) La Jument De Mishao 20) Gaspesic 21) La Jument de Mishao (fragment) 22) La Jumet De Mishao [love palac 23) An Tri Breuer [love palace mix 24) Tri Martolod_The King Of The F 25) 11.11.93_Digor 26) Ti eliz isa 27) 11.11.93 Digor 28) Hebribes 29) Salsa 30) Tri Martolod The King Of The Fairies 31) La Jument de Mishao [Love Palace Mix] 32) Pop plinn 33) An Tri Breur [Love Palace Mix] 34) AN TRI BREUER (love palace mix) 35) Ti Eliz Iza (Youth Remix) 36) La Jament De Mishao (mix) 37) la jument de michao (love palace mix) 38) Ti Eliz Iza (Sound Factory Mix) 39) Hebrides (feat. Denez Prigent) 40) Tri Martolod Including 41) TRI MARTOLOD - THE KING OF THE FAIRIES 42) 11.11.93 Including 43) Ti Eliz Iza (Sound Factory Mix #2) 44) Ti Eliz Iza (Sound Factory Instrumental) 45) Ti Eliz Iza (Album Version) 46) La Jumet de Mishao (love palace mix) 47) La Jumet De Mishao 48) Ti Eliz Iza (Magic Carpet Mix) 49) Tri Martolod & The King Of The 50)

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