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Daniel Powter

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Daniel Powter

Daniel Powter is a Canadian recording artist, born on 25 February 1971. He grew up in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, in the Okanagan Valley region of British Columbia. With few local musical influences, he credits his early exposure to music to his mother, who was a pianist and took her son on long distance trips to see artists like Prince perform in Vancouver. Daniel Powter released his debut album, I'm Your Betty, in 2000. The album, limited to a very small print

Artist Tags For Daniel Powter

1) Pop 2) Singer-Songwriter 3) Alternative 4) Canadian 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Daniel Powter

1) Bad Day 2) Free Loop 3) Jimmy Gets High 4) Lie To Me 5) Song 6 6) Styrofoam 7) Give Me Life 8) Hollywood 9) Lost on the Stoop 10) Suspect 11) Love You Lately 12) Best Of Me 13) Next Plane Home 14) Crazy All My Life 15) Cupid 16) Whole World Around 17) Am I Still The One? 18) Bad Day (Album Version) 19) Bad Day - Acoustic Version 20) Bad Day - Acoustic Version Recorded for NRJ 21) Not Coming Back 22) Free Loop (Album Version) 23) Don't Give Up On Me 24) Fly Away 25) Beauty Queen 26) My So Called Life 27) Negative Fashion 28) Jimmy Gets High (Album Version) 29) Bad Day [Acoustic Version] [Recorded for NRJ] 30) Lie To Me (Album Version) 31) Bad Day [Live In Vienna] 32) Love You Lately (Album Version) 33) Song 6 (Album Version) 34) Styrofoam (Album Version) 35) Song 6 (Live in Vienna) 36) Give Me Life (Album Version) 37) Lost On The Stoop (Album Version) 38) Hollywood (Album Version) 39) Lose To Win 40) Suspect (Album Version) 41) The Day We Never Met 42) Bad Day - Acoustic Version Recorded for NRJ 43) Stupid Like This 44) Come Back Home 45) Delicious 46) Come Home 47) Crazy 48) Selfish 49) Bad Day - (Acoustic Version) [Recorded for NRJ] 50) Daniel Powter - Bad Day

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