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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Cryomancer

Cryo-Mancer features the combined talents of Kryss Oroborus (vocals, guitar, drums, programming) and Sparks (bass, vocals). The band began life under the name Paris Oroborus and Kryss previously recorded an EP under that name, entitled "Iconoclast." After settling in New Jersey, the band decided a name change was in order. They recently released a full length CD, "microEvolution" and also contributed a track to the 2010 Rottweiler Records Christmas compilation. They have created a new genre of guitar-driven electronic rock called starcore.

Artist Tags For Cryomancer

1) Metal 2) Industrial 3) Industrial Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Cryomancer

1) O Come All Ye Faithful 2) Defiler 3) Behind The Lie 4) Wake Up 5) Close Your Eyes 6) Cryomancer (Defiler Cover) REMASTERED 2011 7) Rise 8) See The Child 9) Save Me 10) Prayer 11) Walk Away 12) Cryomancer (Defiler Cover) 13) Burn 14) Ending 15) Hold Me Down 16) Serenity 17) Defiled 18) Sub-Zero 19) -- 20) It's Not Enough 21) Take A Look Around (Limp Bizkit Cover) 22) One Step closer (LP Cover) 23) I Wanna See You Cry 24) myzuka.ru_04_save_me 25) 09 - Prayer 26) 01 - Wake Up 27) 02 - Rise 28) kfc

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