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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Crud

1) Crud is an American rock band from Detroit, Michigan. Their sound is often described in the same breath as My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, White Zombie and Ministry. They use electronics and samplers in their music, but often do not label themselves as “industrial” rock. Common imagery associated with the band are girls in bikinis, gas masks, blood, guns, muscle cars, hot rods and other assorted pulp favourites. Much of which is brought to life in their stage show.

Artist Tags For Crud

1) Industrial Rock 2) Grindcore 3) Industrial 4) Electronic 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Crud

1) Devil At The Wheel 2) Reality 3) Meat Detonation 4) All Used Up 5) Girls That Swear 6) Assume the Position 7) La De Da 8) Londe Del Amore 9) plenty of fresh air and exercise 10) Glue 11) Do You Wanna Touch 12) Merder is Fun 13) polyfonia tuli ja vei 14) zerog 15) aamupala 16) This Is Not Reality 17) The Man 18) Taipuvaluotisuora sopimaton 19) 18 Wheeler 20) lehtipuu 21) Guttural Confessions 22) Sideswiped 23) Gangrena 24) Idei de Oscar 25) vastavärit 26) Kreas 27) hämärä 28) Vaginismus 29) Alternative Methods On Bastard 30) Vacations In Sodom 31) Steve Buscemi's Eyes 32) Hammer 33) We'll Not Be Broken 34) Devil At The Wheel (OST Sons of Anarchy) 35) Sacred War 36) Bomb Bomb 37) Eternal Cycle Of Torment 38) I'll Be Damned 39) Monster A Go Go 40) Time X 41) Fire 42) Balaam's Ass Speaks 43) Voluntary Lobotomy 44) Maniacal Extasy 45) Funeral Hymn 46) Pay For Your Life 47) The Last Era 48) The Devil Is A Patient Man 49) The Man Goes Down 50) Whisper Of Death

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