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Cradle of Thorns

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Cradle of Thorns

THE PAST Cradle Of Thorns formed in 1988 by Ty Elam COT released a series of one-off albums (including 1990's seminal Remember It Day) that, along with extensive touring, earned them a national underground following. Signed in the early '90s to Triple X Records - home ot among others, Social Distortion and Jane's Addiction - the group relocated its base of operations south to the thriving Huntington Beach music scene, even as they continued to attract attention with releases like 1994's Feed Us and its follow-up, 1996's raging Download This .

Artist Tags For Cradle of Thorns

1) Alternative Rock 2) Industrial Rock 3) Gothic Rock 4) Industrial 5) Alternative

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Cradle of Thorns

1) Lullaby For The Dead 2) Flesh 3) Picture Perfect 4) Remember It Day 5) Missing Teeth (Ass Lickin' Son Of A Bitch Mix) 6) Transparent Jesus 7) Dysfunctional Brady Bunch 8) Father's Day 9) Shout At The Devil 10) Behave 11) We Came 2 Wreck Everything 12) I Go 1st 13) Bulimia Blow-Job 14) Days Go By 15) My Sister Sam (Bleed) 16) Ignore-Your-Race 17) 1 Eyed 1 Formed Blind Consuming People Eater 18) Cocaine 4 Breakfast 19) Subtract 20) Roaches 4 Roaches 21) River Flows With Ice 22) Black 23) Porcelain Hands 24) Lose Dimension 25) Everything 26) End Of Side 1 27) Thirsty 4 Sex 28) Utah Flesh? 29) Relax And Recline 30) S.P.A.M. 31) Dreamland 32) Sleep With The T.V. On 33) Chant Of The Goat Face Tribe 34) I'm Human 35) Buckets Of Fraud 36) Far Away 37) Bury Me 38) The Golden Butt Plug Puppet Show 39) Relax in Suffocation 40) Ignore- Your-Race 41) Missing Teeth 42) All Over Again 43) Loosen the Latch 44) All Over Again - Itp Mix 45) ignore your race 46) Ty Elam Interview 47) All Over Again - Chaos Mix 48) All Over Again (Itp Mix) 49) Faceplant 50) All Over Again (Accidental Mix)

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