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Cockfight Club

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Cockfight Club

Tupelo, Mississippi: The quaint Southern town that has given birth over the years to Elvis Presley, the American Family Association, and more recently, Cockfight Club. Clearly, Tupelo will be the site of the final battle between Good and Evil in the coming apocalypse. And Cockfight Club is ready... Following the release of their debut album über güber in 2005, Cockfight Club began their reign of musical terror across the southeastern U.S. Drawing from a vast pool of influences including but not limited to industrial

Artist Tags For Cockfight Club

1) Industrial 2) Industrial Rock 3) Industrial Metal 4) Ironic 5) FabrykaMagazine

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Cockfight Club

1) H.P. Lovecraft 2) Vampyric 3) Hero 4) Acockalypse Now 5) Haulin' Ass To Hell 6) Dying Alone 7) Robot Planet 8) Memory Leak 9) Planchette 10) Absinthe Kat 11) Vampyric (Drowning In Blood Mix) 12) Children of Dagon 13) Mr. Misanthropy 14) Über Güber 15) Mouth of Madness 16) If I Knew Black Magic 17) Darwin's Monkey Blues 18) Extinction Level Event 19) Supermassive 20) Platitudes 21) Three Fifteen 22) Baba Yaga 23) über güber 24) Keep on Walking

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