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Classix Nouveaux

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Classix Nouveaux

Classix Nouveaux was one of the first new romantic acts in England. Although Classix Nouveaux's more guitar-heavy sound separated them from the mostly synthetic rhythms of Japan and Ultravox, the group's appetite for stylish fashion and danceable keyboards had them quickly associated with the flashier parts of the budding new wave movement. Formed in 1979 with Sal Solo (vocals), Mik Sweeney (bass), BP Hurding (drums), and Jak Airport (guitar), Classix Nouveaux originated in the punk underground

Artist Tags For Classix Nouveaux

1) New Wave 2) New Romantic 3) 80s 4) Synthpop 5) British

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Classix Nouveaux

1) Is It A Dream 2) Never Never Comes 3) Guilty 4) Inside Outside 5) No Other Way 6) Never Again (The Days Time Erased) 7) Soldier 8) Is It A Dream (Extended Version) 9) Because You're Young 10) Where To Go 11) Tokyo 12) Guilty (New Version) 13) La Verite 14) Is It A Dream - Extended Version 15) No Sympathy, No Violins 16) Never Again 17) Heart from the start 18) Nasty Little Green Men 19) Guilty - New Version 20) Forever And A Day (Extended Version) 21) 1999 22) I Will Return 23) 623 24) Is It a Dream? 25) Foreward 26) Manitou 27) Forever and a day 28) the Robots Dance (New Version) 29) Run Away 30) All around the world 31) To Believe 32) Every Home Should Have One 33) Or A Movie 34) The unloved 35) It's All Over 36) Inside Outside (Single Version) 37) The Protector Of Night 38) Six To Eight 39) Finale 40) The End...Or The Beginning 41) 627 42) Old World For Sale 43) Test Tube Babies 44) The End... Or The Beginning 45) When they all have gone 46) Night People 47) The Robot's Dance 48) The fire inside 49) The End Or The Beginning 50) The Robots Dance

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