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Chris Catalyst

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Chris Catalyst

Chris May is the guitarist from the rock band The Sisters of Mercy. He is also known as Chris Catalyst, or his facepaint nonsense industrial comedy alter-ego Robochrist. He currently appears in glam punk band AntiProduct as Chris Catalyst. He was born in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England on 11 February 1980 and has played in various bands, including Catylyst, Mr Shiraz, The Dead Pets, Robochrist, The Sisters of Mercy, Mi Mye, Ginger, AntiProduct (with Alex Kane from Life

Artist Tags For Chris Catalyst

1) Seen Live 2) Industrial Rock 3) Leeds 4) LMS Artist

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Chris Catalyst

1) No Regrets 2) Same Old Sun 3) Cracking Up 4) Wake Me Up on Monday 5) I Hope We Always Stay The Same 6) Sticks and Stones 7) Distance Over Time 8) How Do You Sleep 9) You Die at the End 10) Far 11) Able Seamen 12) Yeah (Oh No) 13) Yeah - Oh No 14) The One Who Wouldn't Change You 15) When We Fall Apart 16) I Am Love 17) We Should Form A Band 18) Rain 19) Boys Don't Cry 20) Lady Stardust 21) I Walk The Earth 22) I Need You Around 23) Another Girl Another Planet 24) Mambo No 5 25) Just 'Cos You've Got The Power 26) Kiss Me 27) By Those Trees 28) Between Songs 3 29) Temple Of Love (a fragment) 30) Take On Me 31) Pop Star 32) Wish You Were Her 33) God Only Knows 34) Good Guys Finish Last 35) Between Songs 2 36) Brainwaves 37) Between Songs 1 38) the one who wouldnt change you 39) Mambo No. 5 40) Nothing Fades (Featuring Chris Catalyst) 41) Yeah / Oh No 42) Aurora 43) How Do You Sleep? 44) 06 - How Do You Sleep 45) 05 - Wake Me Up On Monday 46) 10 - Far 47) The One Who WOuldn't Change 48) LemonadeHandGrenade 49) Wish You Were Her (Acoustic) 50) God Only Knows (Acoustic)

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