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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Cardiant

Cardiant was formed in the year 2000 by Antti Hänninen and Dave Alberti. Next to join were Vesa and Valtteri. After trying out with Janne Iivanainen as the singer, Tuomas Helander took over as the frontman. After a few years, Dave Alberti parted ways with the band, and was replaced by Late, Antti's brother. Cardiant recorded several demos, before getting a recording deal with Underground Symphony. During the recording of the debut album, Tuomas had severe problems with his voice.

Artist Tags For Cardiant

1) Power Metal 2) Finnish 3) Heavy Metal 4) Metal 5) Finnish Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Cardiant

1) The Hackneyed Dream 2) Already Known 3) Royal Stranger 4) Falconeye 5) Midday Moon 6) Raining, Part 2 7) Tomorrow's Daylight 8) In Anger 9) Justice Turns Into Revenge 10) Stars Upon Your Life 11) Light'n Smoke 12) Illusion Game 13) Somehow 14) Lost in the Thunder 15) Etyde Light 16) Heaven's Calling 17) To Be 18) Chance to Change 19) Diamondstar 20) Raining, Part 1 21) Fire On Ice 22) Thought's Inception 23) Yesterday To Come 24) Shine 25) Morning Here No More 26) Broken Lifeline 27) Pledge 28) Brontophobia 29) Beat Of Heart 30) Life Has Just Begun 31) Gone Tomorrow 32) While The Ice Is Cold 33) Ever Since 34) Believe 35) Break Your Mind 36) Stranger In Me 37) Love's Not On My Way 38) Mirrors and Me 39) Absolute Power 40) Blank Star 41) Riot Rising 42) A Quiet One 43) Majesty (bonus) 44) Soul 45) Shooting Star 46) My Delusion 47) His Supremacy 48) Majesty 49) Another Time, Another Place 50) Frozen Fire

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