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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Cantara

Cantara was formed in 1992 and has since that time developed into a steady factor in the Dutch metal scene. The band’s music can be described as technical death/thrash metal, focusing primarily on melody and song structures. Cantara is known as a tight and energetic live band, having played extensively throughout Holland and Germany with Swedish, Argentine, American, English and German bands. Fourteen years after its rise, Cantara’s individual band members have made a name for themselves in bands such as God Dethroned

Artist Tags For Cantara

1) New Age 2) Ambient 3) Death Metal 4) Technical Death Metal 5) Chillout

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Cantara

1) Anima 2) Ubi Caritas 3) Shepherd's Song 4) Waiting For The Wind 5) Amandole 6) Maison du ciel 7) Reqonquista 8) Mo Grahu 9) Trilogy 10) Anima (Single Remix) 11) Planets 12) Trilogy incl. Temptation: Heilig: Gloria 13) Daytime Starlight 14) Fields of Everlasting Serenity 15) Longgone Memory 16) In Time 17) The Mourning Sky 18) TRIOGY incl. TEMPTATION-HEILIG-GLORIA 19) Algebra And Alchemy 20) Shattered Glass 21) Stars For Guidance 22) Dead Can Dance 23) Dark 24) Trilogy Incl. Templation; Heiling; Gloria 25) Hunter #4 26) Luna:Luna 27) Trilogy incl. Temptation; Heilig; Gloria 28) The Silent Clouds 29) Molten Minds 30) Cantara:Chant 31) Shredding Memories (A Trilogy Part III) 32) The 500, The Remembered 33) The Shades Of Love 34) A Tenfold Loss To Triple Powers 35) Anima (Single Remix Instrumental) 36) Marcha Nupcial 37) La Cuesta Cutiellos 38) Exposure Of Involuntary Frustrations (Of Misery) 39) Kochari 40) Diendo Pa Casa 41) Anima - Single Remix 42) Katabtak 43) Alredore 44) Anam Cara 45) El Guru Del Gurgu 46) Coda Dha' Nacho 47) Mystera 48) Odi Et Amo (Outro) 49) Trilogy incl. Temptation: Heil 50) Muneires

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