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Buried in Verona

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Buried in Verona

Upon formation in 2007, Sydney’s Buried In Verona showed early potential with an exceptional eagerness and drive, earning them the attention of Australian distributor Riot! Entertainment. The young band was offered a distro deal, which led to the recording of their debut album “Circle the Dead” in 2008 at Powerhouse Studios, Sydney. They worked with Greg Stace, dual-Aria nominated producer DW Norton, and Steve Smart of 301 Studios, who recorded, mixed, and mastered the CD.

Artist Tags For Buried in Verona

1) Metalcore 2) Melodic Metalcore 3) Australian 4) Hardcore 5) Melodic Death Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Buried in Verona

1) LionHeart 2) Five Bullet Russian Roulette 3) All for nothing 4) Can't Be Unsaid 5) Hangin' Hoes By Their Toes 6) Circle The Dead 7) The End 8) taken to the light 9) Dirt nap 10) face of tragedy 11) Can I Borrow A Feeling 12) Four Years 13) Don't Call Me Baby 14) For Darker Days 15) Temptress 16) Colonel Mustard In The Conservatory With The Lead Pipe 17) Vultures Above 18) Saturday Night Sever 19) Go Go Gadget Suicide 20) Maybe Next Time 21) Professor Plum In the Ballroom With the Candlestick 22) No Time To Die 23) Forget What You Know 24) Miles Away 25) You Left Me With No Goodbye 26) Rohypnol Suicide 27) Couldn't Give 34 Fucks 28) Bell Ringer 29) Cut Wrists and Sinking Ships 30) Can't Let It Go 31) Perceptions 32) The Beginning 33) Illuminate 34) Ivory 35) Eclipse 36) Last Words 37) The Decent 38) Extraction 39) Finders Keepers 40) Splintered 41) Hurricane 42) Dig Me Out 43) Done For Good 44) Set Me on Fire 45) Separation 46) Catatonic 47) Graves 48) The Breach 49) Reflection 50) Antidote

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