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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Bruce

There is more than one band/artist with the name Bruce. 1.Bruce is electronic producer Larry McCarthy based in Bristol, UK. He released his debut album Sonder Somatic in 2018. 2. Bruce is a pop/rock band from Sydney, Australia formed in 2006. The band consists of Cameron Bruce, Shane Melder, Emma Hoy and Andy Meehan. Cameron Bruce has spent the last few years surrounded by friends, loved-ones and clowns, touring the country and the world with David McCormack’s Polaroids

Artist Tags For Bruce

1) Techno 2) Bass 3) Electronic 4) Uk Bass 5) Schranz

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Bruce

1) Before You Sleep 2) Æon 3) What 4) Baychimo 5) Elo 6) Cacao 7) Ore 8) Meek 9) Torn 10) Sweat 11) Patience St Pim 12) It'll Pass 13) Serotonin Levels Low 14) Not Stochastic 15) Steak On Barbie 16) I'm Alright Mate 17) Steals 18) In Line 19) Trip 20) The Trouble with Wilderness 21) Post Rave Wrestle 22) My Legs Wouldn't Go Quick Enough 23) Summers Gotta End Sometime 24) Petal Pluck 25) Tilikum 26) Relevant Again 27) Let's Make The Most Of Our Time Here 28) Just Getting Started 29) Waves (For Yasmin) 30) Xull 31) Cables 32) I'm Alright Mate - Asusu Remix 33) Tilikum (Hodge Remix) 34) Post Rave Wrestle - Mosca's Dead Leg Version 35) Just Like You 36) Tilikum - Hodge Remix 37) I'm Alright Mate (Asusu Remix) 38) Post Rave Wrestle (Mosca's Dead Leg Version) 39) The Wallet 40) My Legs Wouldnt Go Quick Enough 41) Plastic 42) Summer's Gotta End Sometime 43) Mitt Jerusalem 44) Den andra rytmen 45) It's A Long Way Home 46) Geil 47) Dark Justice 48) Rallarrosor 49) Fight Every Day 50) System

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