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Blind Man's Colour

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Blind Man's Colour

Blind Man’s Colour is an indie experimental band out of Saint Petersburg, Florida The band signed with Kanine Records in February of 2009 to release their EP “Wooden Blankets” and their full length album “Season Dreaming.” The band's members are Kyle Wyss and Orhan Chettri. Websites:

Artist Tags For Blind Man's Colour

1) Experimental 2) Psychedelic 3) Indie 4) Alternative 5) Musical Jelly

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Blind Man's Colour

1) Heavy Cloud Hustle 2) Jimmy Dove 3) The Dinosaur Ride 4) The Warm Current's Pull 5) Anxious Place 6) Sleeping Habits 7) The Planets Explode 8) Kissing Minutes 9) Ghosts 10) Shells 11) We're Treehouse Kids! 12) Canoe Paddles 13) Never Hope For Treasure 14) Sleeping Bag 15) Fantasy Coves 16) The Golden Lights 17) Brother Sport (Animal Collective Cover) 18) Taste (Animal Collective cover) 19) ancient urchins 20) In The Flowers (Animal Collective Cover) 21) Waterfall Freedom 22) Change With Me 23) Young Stones 24) Pursuing Oceans By Feet 25) Lamp Lady 26) one more time 27) tricks of yellow monsterz 28) Split Peckers 29) dreamcatching flame 30) vine swinger 31) Heliocentrics(Tell me why I fall) 32) My water color world and skin 33) Jimmy Dove (USF Remix) 34) Jimmy Dove (The Great Red Shark Remix) 35) HeavyCloudHustle (JVG Remix) 36) Achilles Jam 37) Our Cloud 38) Come on Mr. Martian Man 39) Settle for the Storm 40) Thank the Sun 41) When the Sun goes Home 42) Welcome the burning Unicorn tears into your Treehouse 43) coming home 44) Thirteen Books 45) We're Only Animals 46) The Willow in the Water 47) Brother Sport(Animal Collective Cover) 48) Dancer(Animal Collective cover) 49) Jimmy Dove (SKYWAY remix) 50) Jimmy Dove (U.S.F Remix)

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