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Becoming the Archetype

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Becoming the Archetype

Becoming The Archetype is a Christian progressive death metal/ metalcore band on Solid State Records that formed in 1999 out of Atlanta, Georgia. Their name refers to the Bible verse Genesis 1:26 which says, "God said, 'Let us make man in our image'" which coincides with the concept that Jesus Christ was the only person to ever be sinless; he was the ultimate archetype of humanity. Before joining Solid State Records, they existed as a band called

Artist Tags For Becoming the Archetype

1) Metalcore 2) Progressive Death Metal 3) Melodic Death Metal 4) Death Metal 5) Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Becoming the Archetype

1) Night's Sorrow 2) Into Oblivion 3) Dichotomy 4) One Man Parade 5) The Epigone 6) Elegy 7) March of the Dead 8) Ex Nihilo 9) No Fall Too Far 10) Mountain Of Souls 11) How Great Thou Art 12) Beyond Adaptation 13) Artificial Immortality 14) Immolation 15) Denouement 16) The Trivial Paroxysm 17) Autopsy 18) Ransom 19) End Of The Age 20) The Monolith 21) Evil Unseen 22) Endure 23) Construct and Collapse 24) Self Existent 25) Deep Heaven 26) The Ocean Walker 27) St. Anne's Lullaby 28) The Magnetic Sky 29) Second Death 30) The Resonant Frequency Of Flesh 31) Internal Illumination 32) The Time Bender 33) Path Of The Beam 34) Nocturne (Instrumental) 35) The Eyes of the Storm 36) Invisible Creature 37) Cardiac Rebellion 38) Epoch Of War (The Physics of Fire Pt 3) 39) The Sky Bearer 40) Breathing Light 41) Reflect/Refract 42) The Machine Killer 43) The War Ender 44) The Great Fall (The Physics of Fire Pt 1) 45) The Planet Maker 46) The Weapon Breaker 47) The Sun Eater 48) I AM 49) Epoch Of War 50) Fire Made Flesh (The Physics of Fire Pt 2)

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