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Beatrice Antolini

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Beatrice Antolini

Beatrice Antolini is an Italian musician and songwriter. Antolini was born in Macerata, a small town in Marche Italy, and began playing the piano when she was three years old. She studied classical music at the Frescobaldi Conservatory in Ferrara, at the same time playing drums and bass in local rock bands. After a number of unsatisfactory stints in various groups, in late 2005 she began recording a series of demos that became the core of her first album, Big Saloon, released to excellent reviews in 2006.

Artist Tags For Beatrice Antolini

1) Italian 2) Psychedelic Pop 3) Alternative 4) Indie 5) Female Vocalists

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Beatrice Antolini

1) Funky Show 2) New Manner 3) A New Room for a Quiet Life 4) Bread and Puppets 5) Venetian Hautboy 6) Sugarise 7) Pop Goes to Saint Peter 8) Clear My Eyes 9) Morbidalga 10) Double J 11) Modern Lover 12) Secret cassette 13) Taiga 14) Lazy Jazy 15) Monster Munch 16) Applebug And His Doll 17) Turtle And Peach In Love 18) Hi! Goodbye! 19) Brother's Bone 20) Riule Ule 21) Michael Night 22) Moved From A Town 23) Jack 24) Topogò (dancing mouse) 25) Coca Cola Shirley Cannonball 26) Piece Of Moon 27) We're Gonna Live 28) Planet 29) Mutantsonic 30) Paranormal 31) Eastern Sun 32) Vertical Love 33) Pinebrain 34) Bioy 35) Open 36) Abletable 37) Night SHD 38) Transmutation 39) Test of All 40) Lazy Lazy 41) Now 42) Vibration 7 43) CocaCola Shirley Cannonbal 44) Cobra 45) Spiders Are Not Insects 46) My Name is an Invention 47) moved from town 48) Happy Europa 49) Anyma L 50) DNA - Embarrassed Face