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Baboon Rising

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Baboon Rising

Baboon Rising rose as Baboon in 1987. In 1995 after several albums they changed their name to Baboon Rising. For most of its existence it has had two members. One of the founding members, Thomas Miller moved leaving Mark Rathke to record the rest of the existing albums in the bands discography. Thom has since recorded as a guest musician on albums since his departure. Baboon Rising's only claims to fame are: In 2000, "Lethal Liddy" was played on the G.

Artist Tags For Baboon Rising

1) Death Metal 2) Industrial Metal 3) Technical Death Metal

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Baboon Rising

1) Bring The Hammer Down 2) Element 112 3) Pencil Eraser Aftertaste 4) A Space Oddity 5) South Sentinel Island 6) Black Lines Matter 7) Toilet Seat Thief 8) Hat In The Ring 9) Mesmerizing Molten Metal 10) Confession Of A Clock Maker 11) Carrots 12) American Pharaoh 13) Biocyber Virus Infection 14) Forget To Remember 15) Honey Wagon Spindle 16) The Eye Thread 17) Magnetic Personality 18) Submarine Dream 19) Puntificating 20) Decks In the City 21) Soiled Sleeve 22) Solemate 23) Sledge Hammer Theme 24) My Name is Raul 25) Baboon Rising 26) Excursions At The Pond (1982) 27) Inbred Cornbread 28) Love Was A Cracked Head Gasket 29) Sledge Hammer 30) 70969 31) 70929 32) Legstrong's Tomb 33) Albino Representation 34) Pious Propaganda 35) Witnessing Monetary Infliction 36) Sternutation 37) Taint Worth It 38) Guarded Bearing 39) Buy One Free (Get The Other Half Off) 40) Baboon Rising - Element 112 41) Green Thumb Dementia 42) Centered Strike 43) Gabbylove 44) Eroded Chisel Plow 45) 50 Shades of Gray 46) Event Registry 47) Carbonic Doomsday 48) A Penny For Your Thoughts 49) Felt Tipped Tonsils 50) Contrail Conspiracy

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