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Atomic Fireballs

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Atomic Fireballs

The Atomic Fireballs is a Swing group led by vocalist/songwriter John Bunkley. The group was formed during 1996 in Detroit and is comprised of Bunkley on vocals, Bostek on trumpet, Tony Buccilli on trombone, Duke Kingins on guitar, Shawn Scaggs on double bass, Eric Schabo on tenor sax, Geoff Kinde on Drums and Randy Sly on piano. In September of 1999 until the band's demise, Shawn Scaggs was replaced by Seán E. Harris on double bass and James Bostek was replaced by Kenneth Ferry, Jr, on trumpet.

Artist Tags For Atomic Fireballs

1) Swing 2) Neo-Swing 3) Jazz 4) Swing Revival 5) Neo Swing

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Atomic Fireballs

1) Man With the Hex 2) Mata Hari 3) Swing Sweet Pussycat 4) Spanish Fly 5) Drink Drank Drunk 6) Lover Lies 7) Hit By A Brick 8) Calypso King 9) Pango Pango 10) Starve a Fever 11) Flowers in the Sand 12) Caviar & Chitlins 13) Caviar and Chitlins 14) Spider Baby 15) Devil is Dancing 16) Catfish Ball 17) 13 - Man With The Hex 18) Caviar & Chittlins 19) Man With A Hex 20) Caviar & Chitlins (JI 43 BPM) 21) Man With The Hex (LP Version) 22) The Man With the Hex 23) Cavair & Chitlins 24) Mr Zoot Suit 25) Man with the hex (Man with the power) 26) Spanish Fly (LP Version) 27) Mata Hari (LP Version) 28) Caviar E Critlins 29) Swing Sweet Pussycat (LP Version) 30) Man With The Hex - canalquo 31) Lover Lies (LP Version) 32) Pango Pango (LP Version) 33) Man with a power 34) Man With Th 35) Spider baby (1998, «Birth of the swerve») 36) Bottle Of Wine 37) Calypso King (LP Version) 38) Man with Hex 39) Caviar & Chittlins (LP Version) 40) Man With The Hex ("Torch This Place" 1999) 41) The Atomic Fireballs - Man With The Hex 42) Starve A Fever (LP Version) 43) Men with the Hex 44) Man With The Hex (Rockabilly Swing) 45) Caviar & Chitling 46) Man With the Hex (54) 47) Man With The Hex By Atomic Fireballs 48) Mr. Zoot Suit 49) In The Sand 50) Atomic Fireballs - Catfish Ball

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