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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Antiochus

Antiochus plays industrial metal, hardcore punk original songs (and sometimes covers) in Hebrew and English, inspired by metal and industrial bands like Ministry, Killing Joke, KMFDM, Motorhead, Body Count, etc. The current Antiochus line-up is brand new and very promising. So far, they played shows at "Rogatka", "Ozen Bar", "Reality Rehab Center" clubs in Tel-Aviv, and a few underground fests, which received very positive feedback. There is a video recording of the band's first show (on the website and YouTube)

Artist Tags For Antiochus

1) Metal 2) Punk 3) Hardcore 4) Industrial 5) Industrial Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Antiochus

1) Intro 2) Kesef 3) Mister Let's Go 4) Yadit (mult mix) 5) Handle (Cooper's dancefloor mix) 6) Yadit (shit mix) 7) Medinat Burokratim 8) Medinat Mishtara 9) Handle (Ptyl's big shit mix) 10) Outro 11) Money (PVC's no cash 4 concept mix) 12) Intro (Israhell Revisited) 13) Kof 14) Gibor 15) Kesef ((Penetrating Crankshaft Remix) 16) Kesef (Penetrating Crankshaft remix) 17) Bacharta BeCharta 18) Kesef (PC Remix) 19) Yadit (hamor mix) 20) Shtil Di Nacht 21) Matter of Fact 22) Kessef 23) handle (ptyl's really big shit mix) 24) Kof (FB[FoRce] Remix) 25) Cherem 26) 03 Time Is Kesef 27) Park and Run 28) Park and Run (feat. Adzii) 29) Handle (Cooper's dance floor mix) 30) Frau Blau 31) Televik (Photosyntez mix) 32) Time Is Kesef 33) Tachat 34) Operatziya Sheka-Teka 35) Falafel Forever 36) Televik 37) Radio-Tahat 38) mister, lets go! 39) Mister, Let's Go! 40) Matter of Fact (feat. Empielle) 41) Supernova 42) Позитивное Мышление 43) Kesef (Live) 44) Bacharta Becharta (live) 45) One Time - FKA twigs 46) Necrosis 47) Beauty 48) Announcement 49) Song for Sophia 50) Tisziji

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