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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Aletheian

Aletheian is from Lebanon, PA, and plays a progressive melodic brand of death metal. They're not new to the scene; they have been around for many years, have released three albums (one of which was under the name "Crutch", entitled "...Hope Prevails") and have been playing shows all over the United States with bands such as Crimson Moonlight, Becoming the Archetype and Society's Finest. Guitarist Alex Kennis also played guitar in Becoming the Archetype, for the album "The Physics of Fire"

Artist Tags For Aletheian

1) Death Metal 2) Melodic Death Metal 3) Technical Death Metal 4) Progressive Death Metal 5) Progressive Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Aletheian

1) Broken Legacy 2) Out From The Shadows 3) Paragon 4) As the Fall Breaks 5) Shepherd's Fold 6) The Dividing Line 7) Call to Arms 8) Burnt Offerings 9) Open Grave 10) An Open Grave 11) How Could I 12) Benediction 13) Hamartia (Movement II) 14) Splagchna 15) Xenos (Movement I) 16) Exaleiphein (Movement I) 17) The Paragon 18) Xenos (Movement II) 19) Exaliephein (Movement II) 20) Break In the Clouds 21) Hamartia (Exordium) 22) Embrace The Beauty 23) A Call to Arms 24) Illumination 25) Awe And Disbelief 26) Cold Dark Whisper 27) Voice Of Love 28) Proverbs 29) Wounds Of The Tongue 30) Prelude 31) Hamartia (Movement I)[ Exordium] 32) Hamartia: Movement II 33) Hamartia - Exorduim 34) Obscured Reflection 35) Exaleiphein: Movement I 36) Exaleiphein: Movement II 37) Xenos: Movement I 38) Obscurred Reflection 39) Exalephein (Movement II) 40) Hamartia: Movement I 41) Splagghna 42) Exalephein (Movement I) 43) Postlude 44) Out Of The Shadows 45) How Could I (Cynic Cover) 46) Out From The Shadows (Live) 47) Movement ll 48) Exaleiphein 49) Splagchna - Instrumental 50) Xenos: Movement 1

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