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William Ackerman

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For William Ackerman

Will Ackerman is a guitarist and composer of acoustic-based instrumental music. He founded and ran for many years the influential new age record label Windham Hill Records. Born in West Germany, he was adopted by a couple who lived in Palo Alto, California. A self-professed poet and musician who briefly studied guitar with Robbie Basho, Ackerman grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. After attending Stanford University, Ackerman dropped out to become a carpenter.

Artist Tags For William Ackerman

1) New Age 2) Acoustic Guitar 3) Guitar 4) Instrumental 5) Acoustic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For William Ackerman

1) The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter 2) The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit 3) Processional 4) Anne's Song 5) Hawk Circle 6) Shella's Pictures 7) Climbing in Geometry 8) Unconditional 9) Driving 10) Ventana 11) Slow Motion Roast Beef Restaurant Seduction 12) Visiting 13) Big Thing in the Sky (For Jess) 14) Emmanuel 15) Conferring With the Moon 16) Sound of Wind Driven Rain 17) I Know This River 18) A Koan From Hugh 19) Three Observations of One Ocean 20) Night Slip 21) The Opening Of Doors 22) Just Before Dawn 23) Seattle 24) Pictures 25) Brother a Teaches 7 26) Barbara's Song 27) The Last Day at the Beach 28) Singing Crocodile 29) For the Asking 30) Floyd's Ghost 31) Conferring with the Moon (solo) 32) A Happy Home in Kathmandu 33) Shape of the Land 34) Light And Song 35) Garage Planet 36) Murray's Song 37) A Child's Song 38) Before We Left This All Behind 39) Was It This Lifetime 40) Region Of Clouds 41) Wings on the Water 42) Balancing 43) Santos and the Well-Traveled Bear 44) Zuzu's Petals 45) This Clearness of Light 46) The 1000 Mile Stare 47) Briars Above The Well 48) Last Day at the Beach 49) Mr. Jackson's Hat 50) Walk With Me

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For William Ackerman

1) Passage 2) Sound of Wind Driven Rain 3) Conferring with the Moon 4) Past Light 5) Hearing Voices 6) A Windham Hill Retrospective 7) The Opening Of Doors 8) Returning 9) Pure Will Ackerman 10) Imaginary Roads 11) It Takes a Year 12) Meditations 13) In Search of the Turtle's Navel 14) Returning: Pieces for Guitar 1970-2004 15) A Quiet Revolution: 30 Years Of Windham Hill 16) Will Ackerman: A Windham Hill Retrospective 17) Relaxation: A Windham Hill Collection 18) Childhood and Memory 19) Touch - Windham Hill 25 Years of Guitar 20) Windham Hill Holiday Guitar Collection 21) Conferring with the Moon: Pieces for Guitar 22) A Winter's Solstice IV 23) A Winter's Solstice V 24) Conversations With God: A Windham Hill Collection 25) A Windham Hill Christmas II 26) The Essential Winter's Solstice 27) (null) 28) Conversations With God II 29) In Search of the Turtles Navel 30) Sounds Of Wood & Steel: A Windham Hill Collection 31) New England Roads 32) PURE Windham Hill 33) A Winter's Solstice, Vol. 4 34) A Winter's Solstice, Vol. II 35) A Windham Hill Christmas: The Night Before Christmas 36) A Winter's Solstice, Vol. 5 37) Heart Of Innocence 38) A Winter Solstice Reunion 39) A Winter's Solstice II 40) Windham Hill Chill 2 41) A Windham Hill Christmas 42) A Winter's Solstice 43) Yoga Zone: Music for Meditation 44) The Carols Of Christmas II 45) Windham Hill Classics: Harvest 46) The Carols Of Christmas 47) The Carols Of Christmas - A Windham Hill Collection 48) Windham Hill Chill 49) Thanksgiving 50) A Windham Hill Christmas: I'll Be Home for Christmas

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William Ackerman