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Slim Harpo

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Slim Harpo

Slim Harpo (11 January 1924 – 31 January 1970) was a blues musician. Born James Moore in Lobdel, Louisiana, the eldest in an orphaned family, Moore worked as a longshoreman and building worker during the late 1930s and early 1940s. One of the foremost proponents of post-war rural blues, he began performing in Baton Rouge bars under the name Harmonica Slim. He later accompanied Lightning Slim, his brother-in-law, both live and in the studio, before commencing his own recording career in 1957.

Artist Tags For Slim Harpo

1) Blues 2) Swamp Blues 3) Classic Blues 4) Harmonica Blues 5) Lousiana

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Slim Harpo

1) I'm a King Bee 2) Strange Love 3) Rainin' in My Heart 4) I Got Love If You Want It 5) Shake Your Hips 6) Baby Scratch My Back 7) Strange Love - Soundtrack Version 8) Te Ni Nee Ni Nu 9) Baby Scratch My Back - Single Version 10) Buzz Me Babe 11) Late Last Night 12) Blues Hangover 13) Buzzin' 14) Bobby Sox Baby 15) Wonderin' And Worryin' 16) One More Day 17) I've Got Love If You Want It 18) Rainin in My Heart 19) Still Rainin' in My Heart 20) You'll Be Sorry One Day 21) Tip On In, Part 1 22) I'm A King Bee - Single Version 23) Shake Your Hips - Single Version 24) What a Dream 25) Snoopin' Around 26) Don't Start Cryin' Now 27) Rock Me Baby 28) Baby, Scratch My Back 29) Don't Start Crying Now 30) I Got Love If You Want It - Single Version 31) Moody Blues 32) Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu 33) Jody Man 34) I Love The Life I'm Living 35) I Need Money (Keep Your Alibis) 36) Blues Hang-Over 37) My Home Is a Prison 38) Te Ni Nee Ni Nu - Single Version 39) Little Queen Bee (Got A Brand New King) 40) Folsom Prison Blues 41) Mohair Sam 42) Dream Girl 43) Strange Love - Single Version 44) Midnight Blues 45) I'm Gonna Keep What I've Got 46) Please Don't Turn Me Down 47) Got Love If You Want It 48) I Just Can't Leave You 49) We're Two Of A Kind 50) Mailbox Blues

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Slim Harpo

1) I'm a King Bee 2) The Best of Slim Harpo 3) The Excello Singles Anthology 4) Best Of Slim Harpo 5) True Blood: Music From And Inspired By The Hbo® Original Series 6) True Blood: Music From The HBO Original Series 7) In My Heart 8) Sings Raining In My Heart 9) Moody Blues (Hall of Fame) 10) True Blood 11) Captain Beefheart's Jukebox: Songs That Inspired The Man 12) Greatest Blues Essentials 13) Tip on In 14) Stone Rock Blues: Original Recordings Of Songs Covered By The Rolling Stones 15) Rocks 16) (null) 17) Onle & Only Slim Harpo 18) The Roots of Jimi Hendrix 19) Rolling Stones Beginnings Volume One: From Blues Boys to Playing Chess 20) Slim Harpo: The Excello Singles Anthology 21) True Blood: Music From The HBO® Original Series 22) Out Of Sight: More Sounds From The In Crowd 23) True Detective - OST by T Bone Bournett 24) True Blood Season 3 25) Rainin' in My Heart 26) The Roots Of The Grateful Dead 27) Raining in My Heart 28) TRUE BLOOD: Music from the HBO® Original Series [Deluxe] 29) The Blues Masters (Jazz Club) 30) Lux and ivy's favorites volume two 31) Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues - A Musical Journey (Disc 3) 32) True Blood: Music from and Inspired by the HBO® Original Series (International) 33) Sting It Then! 34) True Blood: Music From The HBO® Original Series Volume 3 35) True Blood [Original TV Soundtrack] 36) Live - In Concert 37) Platinum Masters 38) The Blues Roots of the Rolling Stones 39) The Blues Collection: Slim Harpo 40) Rainin' in My Heart (Original Album Plus Bonus Tracks 1962) 41) TTRH Season 1 - 01 - Weather 42) True Blood (Music from the HBO® Original Series) [Deluxe Version] 43) The Best Blues Album in the World... Ever Disc 2 44) True blood - S1 E1 "Strange Love" 45) The Excello Singles Anthology [Disc 1] 46) The Roots Of The Black Crowes 47) True Blood Music From The HBO Original Series 48) True Blood (Original Soundtrack) 49) Harmonica Classics By The Blues Masters 50) Born Bad - Vol. 8

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