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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Microjoy

"Microjoy has the best qualities of a fun party band – Playfull Ruckus, good-natured jams and an unbelievably wide range of musical influences to make sure all the people in the crowd are touched with the fever.", -RVA MAG Microjoy started at the Spring of 2006 in Richmond, Va. when 3 longtime friends decided it was time to get together and jam and it worked magically like they had been playing together for years. The boys played their first show at 9n.

Artist Tags For Microjoy

1) Punk 2) Hot 3) Beatles 4) Best 5) Bad Brains

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Microjoy

1) Hangin out with Werewolves 2) Wet the bed 3) assholes on Earth 4) Honestly 5) ShockaBraz 6) What I Lke 7) Bangin 8) Nerve Endings 9) Best Friends Day 10) War Child 11) My Behavior 12) Silence the Jerks 13) Party Patrol 14) new old school 15) Jeopardage 16) What I Like 17) Shame, Shame, Shame 18) Slum Law 19) Betrayal 20) I'm A Dork 21) New Clear Vision 22) Playful Ruckus 23) Bookshelf 24) Shakabros 25) Ballin 2 UR Calling 26) Bangin' 27) 80's Kids 28) Motivator 29) Slience The Jerks 30) All I Can Think Of 31) Over It 32) Hawaii 33) Jeopradage 34) Transitionally Weird 35) 13 Microjoy - Jeopardage 36) The New Old School 37) Warchild 38) The New Oldschool 39) Never Endings

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