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Charles Caldwell

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Charles Caldwell

Charles W. Caldwell (May 18, 1943 – September 3, 2003) was an American blues singer and guitarist, known for a raw and fiery brand of electric North Mississippi hill country blues. Caldwell was a lifelong resident of the hill country around Coffeeville, Mississippi. He spent most of his adult life working at an industrial plant in Grenada, Mississippi that manufactured heating and cooling equipment. His public performances were limited to stints at parties and local juke joints.

Artist Tags For Charles Caldwell

1) Blues 2) Delta Blues 3) Fat Possum 4) Southern 5) Americana

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Charles Caldwell

1) Hadn't I Been Good To You 2) I Know I Done You Wrong 3) Old Buck 4) I'll Do Anything You Say 5) I Got Something To Tell You 6) Down The Road Of Love 7) Remember Me 8) Alone For a Long Time 9) Same Man 10) Movin' Out Movin' In 11) Goin' Through The Woods 12) Hadn't I Been Good To You? 13) Track 11 14) Track 01 15) I ll Do Anything You Say 16) Good to You 17) It's Time We Made Up 18) Movin' Out, Movin' In 19) I Got Something 20) I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love 21) Hadn't I Been Good To You - Charles Caldwell 22) I Know I Done Wrong 23) Track 03 24) Had'nt I Been Good To You 25) Remeber Me 26) I Know 27) Movin' Out Movin' Out 28) Hadn't Been Good To You 29) Haven't I Been Good To You 30) 06 - Alone For A Long Time 31) Piste 01 32) Piste 05 33) Piste 04 34) hadnt i been good to you? 35) Charles Caldwell 36) I Know I've Done You Wrong 37) I Know I Dont You Wrong 38) Hadn't I Benn Good To You 39) Hadn't I been good for you 40) Movin' In Movin' Out 41) I know what I done wrong 42) Hadn't I Been Good To You - Charles Caldwell 43) Alone for the Long Time 44) been good to your 45) Remeber Me? 46) Bad Luck 47) Spår 5 48) Movin' Ou Movin' In 49) I know O done you wrong 50) Hadn' t I Been Good To You

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