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Bob Corn

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Bob Corn

ciao, hello... it’s tiziano sgarbi... tizio... bob corn . i live in a little village in northern italy’s countryside , where i’ve born on november the fifth ninteensixtyeight and where i passed all my life till now.. it’s since nine years than i am involved in the rock music scene, doing different things: organizing shows and festivals, booking tours, driving bands around, running a little label. trying to do these things in a real d.i.y way.

Artist Tags For Bob Corn

1) Seen Live 2) Folk 3) Singer-Songwriter 4) Italian 5) Indie

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Bob Corn

1) Reds Between Blacks 2) i'm waking up to us 3) Cold and Gold 4) The Hottest Autumn Ever 5) Rose of My Past 6) With You 7) Peace in the Storm 8) My Sweet, We're Bright 9) Come to Me 10) Wearing Wings 11) Everything but Nothing 12) Sand And The End 13) i miss you 14) eyes without lies II 15) Breathless song 16) Walking alone out of tune blues 17) o Dolores! 18) She just floated 19) Passion, no fashion 20) Small worlds 21) Where Is The Colour? 22) Nobody Comes 23) Black kiss 24) You are my island 25) You Are Beautiful 26) New Pants For You 27) Love turns around (don't look back) 28) I will return 29) i need love 30) Eyes Without Lies 31) Welcome 32) Now I Know 33) first song (comes at the end) 34) Call me my name 35) You the rainbow 36) Lost and found 37) Everithing but nothing 38) August rains rhymes 39) Just the garden 40) Passion Not Fashion (live at Maps) 41) My sweets, we're bright 42) I'm Waking Up to Us (Belle and Sebastian) 43) Lost in the Mirror (live at Maps) 44) "Life and Leaves" 45) language and luggage 46) this moment we borrow 47) lost in the mirror 48) here i go 49) tell me how 50) Train, Train Wreck

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