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Black Tears

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Black Tears

There is at least 3 bands with this name: 1. Black Tears is a Finnish melodic metal band, formed at the end of 2007. The first single "Desolation Before the Dusk", the second track of the self-released debut EP "Far Beyond Reality", was released at the end of 2009. More information can be found on 2. Black Tears was a Ecuadorian Black/Doom Metal band, but currently living in Queens, New York, formed in 2008, they changed their name in 2012 and now they are known as Black Paradise.

Artist Tags For Black Tears

1) Heavy Metal 2) Black Metal 3) Techno 4) Death Metal 5) German Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Black Tears

1) Black Tears 2) Perfect Demon 3) Silver Woman 4) Adalbert In Chains 5) Child of the Storm 6) Crown Of The Damned 7) Dynasty Of Blood 8) March Without Fear 9) Only Memories 10) Rockin To The Top 11) The Slave 12) Fears For Desires 13) This Feeling Called Love 14) Bridge Of Sighing 15) Mad Killer 16) Magic Initiation 17) Shoot Down and Run 18) The Vikings 19) Asymmetric Vocalizer 20) Watch Out 21) On Stage 22) Illusion Dada 23) Trisomia 13 24) The Long Decline 25) Dialog Between The Evil And The Good 26) Catharsis Tempore 27) Gloomy Fate 28) For Those About to Die 29) Mountain Of The Wanderer 30) Forgotten 31) Schwarz 32) Longing... 33) The Abyss Of Life 34) Remnants Of This Sorrow 35) The Wikings 36) Dialog Between The Evil And 37) For these about to die 38) Gloomy fale 39) Buch des Lebens 40) Dunkelziffer 41) Black Tears - Black Tears 42) Heaven Shall Burn 43) Scapegoat 44) Black Tears - Child of the Storm 45) Assymetric Vocalizer 46) Durch Die Nacht - 2012 47) Black Tears - Perfect Demon 48) Аннигиляция II (Спасибо вам) (Single) 49) Black Tears - Crowm of the Damned 50) Black Tears - Dialog Between the Evil and the Good

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