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Attention Deficit

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Attention Deficit

There are at least 2 artist using that name: One being an electronica related artist, the more famous "rock"-band however is described below: Not unlike some other guitar-centered power trios, Attention Deficit delivers a very energetic jazz rock, including flashes of fiery psychedelia and getting pretty wicked at times. This supergroup’s particular value relies on the special touch delivered by each individual member. Tim Alexander’s jazz leanings have always been clearly stated from his Primus days (in fact

Artist Tags For Attention Deficit

1) Fusion 2) Progressive Rock 3) Jazz 4) Instrumental 5) Progressive

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Attention Deficit

1) American Jingo 2) Any Unforeseen Event 3) Low Voter Turnout 4) An Exchange of Niceties 5) My Fellow Astronauts 6) The Risk of Failure 7) The Girl from Enchilada 8) Dubya 9) RSVP 10) Public Speaking Is Very Easy 11) ATM 12) Scapula 13) It's Over, Johnny 14) TMA 15) Unclear Inarticulate Things 16) Febrile 17) The Killers Are to Blame 18) Fly Pelican, Fly 19) Wrong 20) The Blood Room 21) Nightmare on 48th St 22) MAT 23) Ill Fated Conspiracy 24) Lydia 25) Khamsin 26) Merton Hanks 27) Say Hello to My Little Friend 28) What 29) What (Gabriel Batz Remix) 30) What (Original Mix) 31) What - Arnej Remix 32) What (Arnej Remix) 33) Girl From Enchilada - Vapourspace Remix 34) What - Original Mix 35) Use Only the Drugs 36) Use Only The Drugs (James Zabiela's Reason Mix) 37) Use Only The Drugs [James Zabiela's Reason Mix] 38) Use Only the Drugs (Original Mix) 39) What (Arnej Remix) [World Premiere] [Coldharbour 100] 40) Be Together 41) What [Mix Cut] - Original Mix 42) Snip 43) Festivus 44) I Wonder 45) Posh Spice 46) What [ASOT 115] - Original Mix 47) John's Playing Games 48) Dear Mom 49) The Squirrel Song 50) Girl from Enchilada

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