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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Aeoliah

Aeoliah (pronounced: Ay-oh-lee-ya) was born and raised in Germany until he was ten when he immigrated to the US with his parents in 1960. He completed his university training at the University of New Mexico in 1972, graduating cum laude with a degree in fine arts. His works of art have been exhibited in world museums such as the Art Institute of Chicago and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. During his early teens, he took formal music lessons on the violin and played in his local high school orchestra.

Artist Tags For Aeoliah

1) New Age 2) Ambient 3) Relax 4) Space 5) Mellow

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Aeoliah

1) Angels of Victory 2) Devotion 3) Moonlight Magic 4) Hearts of Fire 5) Cherish 6) Rhapsody 7) Chintamani: The Treasure 8) Interlude 9) The Touch (Regular) 10) Whispers Among the Stars 11) Angels Of Mercy (Regular) 12) Hearts of the Future 13) Souls In Ecstacy 14) Angel Love 15) Whispers Among the Stars (Regular) 16) Angels of the Presence 17) Sanctus Dominus 18) Radiance 19) Ave Maria... 20) Dolphin Serenade 21) The Joy of Innocence 22) Angels Of Love (Regular) 23) Reverie (Regular) 24) Inner Mountain Flame 25) The Portal 26) The Embrace 27) Out of the Silence 28) Heart & Soul 29) Shamballa 30) The Inner Chamber 31) Watashitachi Wa Hitotsu (We Are One Light) 32) Divinaura 33) Awakening 34) Angels of Consecration 35) The Healing Heart 36) A Higher Love (Regular) 37) Always 38) Angelic Lullaby 39) Sea of Bliss 40) Tribute to Albinoni 41) Rising In Love (Regular) 42) Oasis 43) Majesty 44) Tien Fu: Heaven's Gate (excerpt) 45) Garden of Eternal Spring 46) For Your Love Only 47) Windsong 48) Emanation of Grace 49) Celestial Sanctity 50) Follow Your Heart

Frogtoon Music - Album Tracks For Love In The Wind

1) Hearts of Fire - 9:12 Love In The Wind
2) Oasis - 14:36 Love In The Wind
3) Awakening - 2:32 Love In The Wind
4) Windsong - 7:13 Love In The Wind

Frogtoon Music - Album Tags For Love In The Wind


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