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In a culture held captive by stagnant radio and recycled Pop sounds, Ages Apart writes music that people need to hear. Imagine a world where music has substance and depth, where not all bands sound and look the same. Ages Apart has staked their career fighting for such a world. They speak the minds of their fans, screaming at full volume the whispered fears and guilty secrets of a disenfranchised generation. With rampant grassroots support, a debut album packed full of singles, and a reputation for the dynamic intensity of their shows, you might just say their approach has worked. In 2009, Ages Apart balanced beauty and aggression on their critically acclaimed debut release Can You Hear Me and brought a fresh new voice to the ACTive Rock genre. Guided by producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D, 10 Years, Pillar), Ages Apart achieved a sound both daring and familiar, at times introspective and at others furiously emotional. The Black and White Magazine calls them "timeless," and Timothy Toutges of Ed Jones Productions in Nashville raves, "Ages Apart is a world class band that will go all the way! This is what Rock & Roll dreams are made of." But perhaps Lou Brutus of Sirius XM said it best with his understated praise, "These guys are really good. Why has no one sent this band to me before?" Even more people will be asking this question as the band dramatically expands their touring schedule and radio play to previously unreached markets throughout 2012. After 400+ shows in over 20 states, Ages Apart learned firsthand what it means to be a professional touring band. Spending countless nights a year on the road will make or break a band's career, but Ages Apart credits their friendship and shared passion for pulling them through the toughest times. So don't count on Ages Apart slowing down until they've permanently burned their sound into popular memory. Having shared the stage with many great bands including Three Days Grace, Sick Puppies, Framing Hanley, & Pop Evil, Ages Apart has learned never to settle. At the end of the day, Rock has always been about bands pushing themselves to extremes for the sake of their fans. 2012 promises to be the most extreme year yet for Ages Apart. In addition to a demanding tour schedule, the upcoming year will find the band back in the studio, beginning work on their much anticipated sophomore album, a shocking sequel to Can You Hear Me's brutal honesty. Despite buzzing social networks and fan pages rampant with rumors, Ages Apart has stayed impressively secretive about the new release, reluctant to ruin the big surprise for their hardcore fans. But one thing is beyond doubt: the album, scheduled for release in 2013, will be well worth the wait. Ages Apart, after all, has made a career out of shattering expectations. MERCH STORE //

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