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Aar Maanta

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Aar Maanta

Aar Maanta moved from his native Somalia to the UK in the late 1980's due to the civil war. As a lone child in a new country he turned to music for comfort absorbing many genres including pop, rock, hip hop, RnB and house. He now produces an eclectic mix of styles blended with traditional Somali music. Aar Maanta's first notable performance was in July 2006 at Rise: London United the UK's largest multi-cultural festival. He played alongside Graham Coxon, Common, The Wailers, Buzzcocks, The Duke Spirit, and Roy Ayers.

Artist Tags For Aar Maanta

1) Somalia 2) Somali 3) African 4) Pop 5) Ethiopia

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Aar Maanta

1) Asalamu Alaykum 2) Hiddo & Dhaqan 3) Saafi 4) Dhadhami 5) Maanta 6) Deeqa 7) Go Doomey 8) Deeqa - Acoustic (feat. Maciek Pysz) 9) Deeqa (feat. Maciek Pysz) 10) Mac Isii (feat. Rahima) 11) Maseexdo 12) Set the Frequency 13) Uur Hooyo (feat. Hudeidi) 14) Home 15) Keenee Gardaran (Live) 16) Qalbiga (feat. Jihaan Jalaqsan) 17) Ifraax 18) Hanaanka (feat. Nomadic Status) 19) Mac Isii - Feat. Rahima 20) Halaalee 21) Hanaanka - Feat. Nomadic Status 22) Ila Dheel 23) Refugee (feat. Nomadic Status) 24) Dhaayaha 25) Uur Hooyo - Feat. Hudeidi 26) Somalia Hanoolaato 27) Dardaar 28) Qalbiga (feat. Jihaan) 29) Udgoon 30) Go'doomey 31) Arimeheena 32) Go'Dommay - Brazilian Soul Crew Afro Soul Remix 33) Keenee Gardaran 34) Set the Ferqency 35) Uur Hooyo (Ft. Hudeidi) 36) Go'Dommay - DJ Caliber Remix 37) Intro 38) Godooomey 39) Go' Doomey 40) Go'Dommay (Brazilian Soul Crew Afro Soul remix) 41) Hananka 42) mac isii (ft rahima) 43) Mac Isii (Ft. Rahima) 44) Hanaanka (Ft. Nomadic Status) 45) Hanaanka (ft Nomadic Status) 46) Maalin Kale 47) Go'Dommay (DJ Caliber Remix) 48) Indhahayga nuurkay 49) Deeqa (Acoustic) 50) Hiddo Dhaqan

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